Your 'Investment Proposal' Marketing Campaign
By Marc Kneepkens

"You mean, I have to market this?"


Spreading the word is essential. You may have the best investment proposal in the world, but if no one knows about it, it will remain a secret. Setting up a marketing campaign, offline and online is a must. The better you are prepared , the more respect, interest and success you will have in your funding attempts. Do not dismiss these steps.

Let's quickly run over some of the steps to take for preparing offline marketing:


  • Create and line up your basic 'investment proposal' marketing materials: business cards, flyers, summaries, background information
  • Prepare all of your 'pitches': 30 seconds, (the one for the elevator and other chance meeting opportunities), and more for all the different situations and audiences: spouse, friends, family, loan officer, potential partner, investor, team or group of investors
  • Create all of your funding documents: teaser, executive summary, business plan, financials, put them in a nice folder
  • Find supporters, partners, referrers (also called evangelists): people who are directly or indirectly linked to your goal. Your goal is to get the word out about your idea or launch of your new business, and to get everything together that you need to get started
  • Talk to experts (and add them to your support team) to assess, improve, correct, and take it to the next level

    This process will force you to look over your plans, and adjust to a more practical and down to earth approach, to gain support, and to create a team for support, information, networking, feedback, etc.

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Using the power of the 'net'

Include your message in your signature, briefly: add a website URL, a short message or a link to more information, just enough to catch the attention.

Create a blog or a website for your new venture, or even better, just for your marketing campaign: a website shows that you are serious and committed, it has all of your information lined up logically, keeps everything updated, and opens the way to receive orders, inquiries, interest, etc.
Have your documents ready, adapted to your internet outreach campaign: PDF's and/or Word docs with all of your information, spreadsheets, articles, research, personal information.

Social Media
Use your social media, do not dismiss them, any piece of information can be networked through the social media, and may find its way online in ways that you have not planned or foreseen. Give it some direction by creating the tools containing the information, whether it is an email, an executive summary, a business plan, a teaser, a video, a link to your investment proposal, an animation, a logo, a power point presentation, or a PDF document.

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Action plan for social media

Your own 'Investment Proposal' link

Create your own link that points directly to your own Investment Proposal. You can do this with Business-Funding-Insider's Deal Flow pages, or any other service where you have posted your information.  

Go to: Deal Flow - How to Market your Offer (opens new window)- to find out how to create your own URL on our site, and how to market this link on your social media, and with your contacts. See below here how to use this tool and other tips for the social media.

join the groups that are of interest and are compatible with your search for funding. Post in those groups to make your business funding request known. Consider creating your own group. Send a message to all of your contacts inviting them to look at your investment proposal, use your direct link. Ask them for partnerships, or help with networking.

Add your new project information in your profile, use some keywords that allow interested parties to find you. Send your teaser message out regularly, different wording, different aspects. Include 'more information' sources, like website, blog, document location; report every step that brings you closer to your goal. Make sure to include a link directly to your investment proposal.
Network for more contacts related to your new business or project.

Announce your project. Ask your contacts to share and network. If your teaser is written in a compelling way, your contacts will feel more open to help and share.
Consider creating your own business page and network from there. Use the right keywords to attract the right visors. Definitely use this option if you don't want to network through your personal Facebook page. Post your investment proposal link.


Videos are powerful media. You can present your investment proposal in person or with your team, you can 'show-and-tell' what you are presenting about. Videos have become the most powerful media in recruitment, dating, and also for investment presentations.

Other media
Apply the same networking principles according to their particular social media accent. Some products or services will be better presented than others with certain social media. You can find more options by searching the internet and watching your competition. Don't copy, be original, work in function of what you have.

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Online information

Create a funding 'structure': be clear on what you want, how you want to access and receive your funding goals, and how you will use the money. Do you want a loan, a partner, an investor, a crowd of investors? Next, create a way for interested parties to access your information, use tools such as 'Dropbox' for a free and convenient way to access documents, or 'Ning' networks, to build online communities, or whatever tool you can find that will enhance the communication with your team and/or your online investors.

Funding vehicle
Consider your best way to get funded. If you want a bank loan, deal directly with the bank and fill out the paperwork. If you are looking for a business partner, angel investor or VC partner, prepare the right documents, as per their requirements. If you are looking at crowd funding, check out several crowd funding sites and platforms. Carefully look at what they offer, how much they charge, and what their impact is. Prepare your funding campaign accordingly. Using social media is even more important here; create compelling copywriting, you have to convince every single person to participate in the funding, you're not dealing with one investor, you're dealing with many: consider that they question, research, criticize, network, share, etc. Create momentum, update, communicate.

Timing and Updating
Create all of your tools (documents, social media accounts, etc). Once ready, implement your plan, get your campaign launched. Use all of your tools. Get the word out. Next, update every aspect of your progress with your investment proposal. Send all of your contacts updates about the progress you make. Give them information about goals reached, new developments, new information releases, etc. Carefully track your responses, organize your contacts, update them. The more 'avenues' you create to success, the more chances you have that you will succeed.

Team work
If you are a one man show, find help from volunteers or closely related associates, whether they are a spouse, a friend, a business associate.
If you have an existing company, clearly delegate and assign tasks. Include some of the networking aspects for everyone involved with and within the company, such as using social media.


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