Investment Opportunity in UK Company with good ROI

by Jon Rosling
(United Kingdom)

A shrewd investor will spread their risk as widely as possible to mitigate any losses. With that in mind we'd invite you to consider Eye Films' 2014 Business Proposal, which is looking for a relatively small investment ($100k) in the company's development slate rather than in a single film, and which will help get our five year development and growth plan off the ground.

We have one feature film already made and about to go into world-wide distribution; and with another well developed and ready to finance, we are a high quality, high production values company interested in telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences world over will pay to see.

With a step by step plan for growth and expansion, it’s a future that will put us at the heart of the UK and then the global film industry, culminating in the development and production of a major motion picture in 2018 based on a multi-award winning novel.

As well as straight funding (equity or debt financing, or both) we’re looking for a partnership with savvy people who want to be part of something great and who can give us not only the financial support we need to set off on the road to success but who’ve also got the business experience (not necessarily in film) to support us on this journey.


Contact me for a detailed proposal, plan and figures at

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Distribution Deal announced
by: Eye Films Limited

You can read about our GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL for our debut feature film with Ytinifni Pictures here on IMDB:

This should be viewed as an enhancement to our original proposal - we will reach revenue stage much more quickly and with a greater revenue.

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