Investment Opportunities film USA

by Daniela Zeffiro

Action movies of this kind are highly renumerative for investors, they belong to the history of a genre that becomes TV series and this movie is an excellent business opportunity.

Synopsis: Action time: year 2020
Starting point: Fiumicino Airport, Rome.
In the summer of 2020, a Dreamliner plane, arriving from Hong Kong, lands at the Fiumicino Airport. It seems to be a normal summer with a normal flow of tourists. But… A flight attendant sees a man who is apparently sleeping, with strange patches on his face. From now on, a terrible discovery is made, resulting in a breath-taking investigation. From now on, there are only six days to stop the greatest terrorist attack from the past few years.

Budget: 12.939.290.90 $

Cast: international

Location: Europe


Shares: of this we are willing to negotiations
Recoupment: 110% initial recoupment for investors, most likely within 18 months from completed funding, thereafter 50% of profits will be distributed to the investor pool
Return: ROI expected to range from 30-200%
Timeline: 8 months to completion, upon completed funding
Distribution: Globally, but predominantly VOD/Online, TV
Festival : Cannes, Berlino, Venezia, Roma,Toronto, Sundance film Festival, Deauville,Wilmington indipendent film Festival
Genre: Action investigation, suspence
Target audiences: everyone
Language: English
Rating: R
Lethal Danger Story: The Project, as we intend it to be, enters the pattern of action dramas with little time left until resolution. A race against hours and days, which are six in number in “LETHAL DANGER”. Six days. Read it! Reading is never a waste of time. And time... for the “LETHAL DANGER” characters is really... really precious
Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, 18th of August 2020, 8 A.M., a Boeing 876 Dreamliner plane is landing, for a stopover in Rome, with the final destination Washington DC, coming from the Far East, namely from Hong Kong, after having made a previous stopover in Jakarta, Indonesia. All passengers get off the plane, and a flight attendant, during a routine check-up of the aircraft, finds the lifeless body of an elegant business man. His face is covered with huge blisters. Since the first moment everything seems strange, actually, the paramedics, called urgently by the local police, are unable to explain the death causes; analyses are being made in special Government’s labs, the result indicating that the man had contacted an unknown virus. The virus is not on the list that had been compiled after the September 11th 2001 tragedy. The only conclusion is that, according to the first tests, the man had been dead for around 48 hours. The Antiterrorist Secret Services and the Government authorities are urgently informed, also because a ticket is found in one of the dead man’s pockets, probably not written by himself. On the ticket, there is written in English just “August 25th, h.14”.
Reunion at the Farnesina with the antiterrorist core team, a team especially denominated the Chameleons, a Task Force founded only a couple of years ago, coordinated by Lucas Garbo.
Lucas Garbo was born in the USA, an Italian father and American mother, his mother, renowned liberal lawyer has always fought for civil rights, his father was a cultural employee at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, but in fact it was an important Interpol agent who worked with FBI and U.S. national security. He died in a mysterious car accident when Lucas was only 8 years. The mother then moved to Italy. Lucas until the age of 18 years remained in Italy with her paternal grandparents. At the age of majority, Eliyah, an Israeli Mossad agent, a friend of his father visits him and tells him what his father had destined for his son. Begin a course of studies, including one which knowledge of the arts of fighting and serving the very specific knowledge of the total physical and mental strength. His character is forged in a sign of high values that go beyond the personal sphere, as if he had already written a road to go, although it must overcome his instinct to react immediately. In Israel he studied the young Lucas meets a young biologist and researcher, Italo-Belgian-Israeli. A mixture of charm, intelligence and rigor within. They marry, have a son, Sebastian. But their marriage is over when Lucas decides to join the special team of 'Interpol and form a team with the support of Jamson Wallace, head of the special anti-terrorism in Europe. Spend some 'time in Los Angeles by her mother and discovers that his father's death was not an accident. Log in crisis and put on leave and move away to a shelter, it will change behavior when it is called in Italy, in Rome.
Only six day…


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