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by Daniela Zeffiro


Synopsis: The main idea of Lost Serenity is based on opera “Rusalka” by Antonin Dvorak and is set in contemporary times. It is a story with themes of fidelity, betrayal and passion, wrapped into comedy and drama, as well as touching songs. It is a fantasy with touch of sci-fi coming of age story about the power and pain of love. Most importantly, the film projects differences in the characters of two species.

Budget: 6.974.110 USD
Shares: 50/50 share after investment is recouped but you may very well negotiate according to investor needs
Recoupment: 120% investment from the first proceeds from the film
Return:. According to the distribution estimate of earnings: $64.5M minimum; $107.9M maximum
Timeline: Recoupment within 1 year from completion. Profit expends up to 10 years
Distribution: Worldwide distribution, Commitment by Echelon Studios
Genre: Family Film (PG), Fantasy/Action/Sci-fi/Light Musical
Target audiences: Eight years and upward
Language: English
Rating: PG
Lost Serenity Story: PG-rated films of a Disney kind have higher ROI than films of other ratings. They are also easier to reach the top distribution, which is world wide theatrical release. The picture includes elements the young generation longs for. Publicity in USA and Europe is secured immediately upon entering production.

A recent study of the Box Office statistics of the top 250 movies released by Hollywood shows that
moviegoers are flocking to G and PG-rated movies. Low earnings of R rated movies compared to PG
films, was mentioned by Harvey Weinstein in his interview with Piers Morgan in discussions related
to the film “The King’s Speech”.
Disney kind films do lead to worldwide theatrical release. P&A (promotion & advertisement) is financed
by the distributor and the cost is $30-50M worldwide, depends on number of theatres. The reason
why many low budget films don’t receive theatrical release is poor quality production or
unappealing story. In order to reach worldwide theatrical release, the film must qualify in all
aspects, not only in cast but also in story, music, sound, locations, photography, proper equipment,
editing, etc.
Underwater Crystal Palace enhances myth and magic of the picture. Stalagmites are set with crystals
and create colorful special effects.
The SCI-FI idea leads toward astrological aspect that is becoming popular and will increase in years to
They are a huge step to success and often overshadow the most remarkable star.
Music will be performed by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Low budget pictures usually use a band
or pre-recorded music.
It is a very important interest for the young generation and a factor in providing additional profit in
the sale of CD’s, online music, and separate tracks.

Potential Investors please contact MarieAnna Dvorak’s Representative
Sue Phillips of Phillips International

Contact mediation investors, productions participants, brokers and sponsors:
Daniela Zeffiro of DEL ADVERTISING LLC

It is important factor for success. Publicity throughout the production has been secured by:
a. USA publicity by The Barrett Company Communications
b. European Union by the Reporter Ralph T. Niemeyer
c. Prague Post, U.S. papers, are read by global public
(Prague's cinemas often launch premiers of Major Studio pictures).

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