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by Daniela Zeffiro


(subheading RED TEARS)


The RISE of DAWN (RED TEARS) is waiting for a savvy investor who sees its commercial viability and box office appeal, and brings this unforgettable epic story into successful cinematic production.

BUDGET: $4. 988.622.00

Sole Investor will be paid 120% of investment from the first proceeds from the film after the customary distribution expenses are paid.

Investor’s Share is typically defined as 50% of the total Net Proceeds. The other 50% of the Net Proceeds goes to the distributor and producer.

Investor will participate 50/50 in all gross cash receipts returned to the company from motion picture released in all media both domestic and foreign.

TAX INCENTIVES in Czech Republic: The Czech Film Industry Support Programme offers filmmakers rebates of up 20% on their production-related costs spent in the Czech Republic.

TAX INCENTIVES in USA: 100% of the motion picture costs are deductible in the same year of investment; 75% of the motion picture budget must be spent in the US to qualify for Section 181.
The Rise of Dawn production qualifies for section 181.

PUBLICITY will commence immediately upon entering production:
USA publicity by the Barrett Company Communications, Hollywood
European Union by independent reporters
Potential Investors please contact MarieAnna Dvorak’s Representative
Sue Phillips of Phillips International

Contact mediation investors, productions participants, brokers and sponsors:
Daniela Zeffiro of DEL ADVERTISING LLC

GENRE: PG-13 Political Love Story/Drama
TYPE: 120-minutes Feature Motion Picture

“RISE OF DAWN” is a true political love story, and one that dramatically charts the lives of a stage actress and a hockey player who herald from two contrasting regimes. Even though the picture opens with the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968, the first half of the story takes place in New York and Atlanta where everything seemingly comes easy to the lives of our two young lovers. However, their happiness is suddenly and violently put on hold when the second half of the film unfolds. It takes place in Prague during the 1970's after the Soviet Union exerts a harsh and brutal totalitarian regime.

Movies with an historical backdrop have a profound effect upon public perceptions. However, despite the strong political theme of Rise of Dawn, the main thrust of the story is the true love that exists between our two main characters. Their unswerving love for each other helps them to survive the cruelty and persecution experienced under the regime. It also inspires them with the courage needed to risk their lives to seek freedom. Especially nowadays, when the world is going through several such political crises, a story such as Rise of Dawn will be well-received and enjoyed.

The author of Rise of Dawn brings back memories for millions of people not only with the HISTORICAL THEME, but also with 10 popular SONGS from the 60/70’s - the hippie era. The picture will sound with LET IT BE (Beatles); ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Bill Haley), UNCHAINED MELODY (Richteous Brothers), etc.
All the songs are accompanied by dance.

The picture also contains in various spots memorable strains of meltingly beautiful CLASICAL MUSIC, such as VIENNA BLOOD WALTZ and ANTONIN DVORAK’ SYMPHONY. This music is guaranteed to evoke vision of long-ago times when people lived in peace and freedom within the golden city of spires and cobbled streets that is Prague.

In addition to all this and similar to the delicate words of classical playwrights, the romance, pathos and stirring drama that is Rise of Dawn will move the hearts of film viewers to fervent moments of both tragic and joyful tears rife with deep emotion!

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