Investment Opportunities film USA

by Daniela Zeffiro

Quick Fact Sheet

TITLE: Facades
GENRE: Suspense / Drama / Psychological Thriller
5,000,000 USD

RUNNING TIME: approx. 100–105 minutes

RATING: PG-13 (expected)



CAST: International


Nov. 2013: Pre-Production (8 weeks) Jan. 2013: Principal Photography(4 weeks)
Feb. 2013: Post-Production(8 weeks)
May 2013: International Theatrical Release!

4. Marketability
- Built-in audience!
- Story that most girls can relate to. Daddy
not appreciating the girl, not showing
enough love, always want to push her further!
- Guys like the idea of anonymous and secret
sexual pleasure without commitment!
- Film can travel!
- Story appeals to people from all societies
and countries of the world. The story
depicted is universal enough to allow the
film to travel!

FESTIVALS: We are aiming to submit our film to a limited number of recognized film festivals. Based onour target release date this would be:
- Festival de Cannes
- Shanghai International Film Festival
- Venice Film Festival
- Telluride Film Festival

SINGAPORE: Local productions generate on average
just under 800k USD in local box office

SOUTH EAST ASIA: We can leverage the close
proximity to create buzz and get distribution
US/EUROPE: Having an international cast and crew
our feature is able to appeal to the AMERICAN and EUROPEAN markets as well

We are already in discussion for distribution for the following markets (in alphabetical order): Singapore, South Korea, Spain, USA

10. Additional Monetization

PR & MARKETING: Ogilvy Singapore (in negotiations)

MDA Production Assistance Scheme, pays up to 40% of Singapore expenditures (ca. 400,000/800,000 USD) – not granted yet

Contact: Del Advertising lLc

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