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by Daniela Zeffiro

RedHorse Pictures, LLC is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of the motion picture The Harder Road intended for theatrical release. The goal is to make a film that will entertain, surprise, and delight as well as raise the generalm consciousness of a mass audience while creating a exploitable product. The Harder Road will be a first project for RedHorse Pictures LLC, with a prospective independent film budget from $3-7 million. The company plans to produce an average of five feature films with budgets ranging from $1 million to $15 million to be distributed domestically and internationally.

RedHorse Pictures LLC is seeking to raise money to fully finance the production of the feature length film The Harder Road to be directed by Darryl Waters. Capital will be invested in the single purpose entity which will be created for the film, Pogo the Pirate LLC. A director can also be acquired from an agency.

We expect the pre-production, production and post-production to last
approximately 13 months, from April 2014 ready for its premier at Cannes
International Film Festival in May 2015. We expect to begin pre-production of Pogothe Pirate in the winter of 2014 and consecutively production to begin in late summer/ fall 2014.
The future independent films continues to look impressive, as their commercial viability has increased steadily over he past decade. Thanks to the large volume of inexpensive, high end digital film equipment available for the average consumer,
Pogo the Pirate
RedHorse Pictures, LLC

Our mission as a company is to create not only theatrical motion pictures but to
develop and produce quality products for the entertainment of the average household
worldwide. RedHorse Pictures LLC targets both international and domestic markets for
their film and television division. By providing foreign pre-sale rights to territories
and/ or the sale of a film for domestic distribution, RedHorse Pictures will produce films for the market to generate revenue. From feature films, to TV series, to music videos RedHorse Pictures, LLC has a number of projects in its roster ready for development.
The objectives for RedHorse Pictures for the first three years are as follows:
• To produce quality HD films which will provide positive entertainment and
• We want to create recognized high-quality products that will continue to provide
profits well beyond their running time in the theaters.
• Create products that will allow RedHorse Pictures LLC to grow as a production
company and keep creating content for the entertainment business.
• Make films exploitable to a mass audience.
• Assemble 3 production teams to produce various projects.
• Produce an average of five feature films with budgets ranging from $1 million to $15 million to be distributed domestically and internationally.
• Submit projects to Cannes International Film Festival as well as other festivals.
• Develop relationships and co-productions with other countries.
Pogo the Pirate
RedHorse Pictures, LLC

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