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by Daniela Zeffiro

Title: Bargain

Genre: Urban Thriller (Feature, 90 minutes)

Language: English and International Subtitles

Director: Callum Rhys (The Secret Eye/Palm Beach International Film Festival, 2013)

Writer and Executive Producer: Roger Cottrell

Producers: Roger Cottrell, Lawrence Donello, Greg Hobbs, Matt Johnson

Production Company: Bargain The Movie Ltd, in association with Angry Films and Smashing UK Productions

Principal Shooting Locations: Birmingham, Sheffield, Worcester, Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Producers’ Note
Bargain the Movie Ltd are proud to
announce their exciting new feature film
production The Devils Alchemist.

The producers are pushing the boundaries
of what’s possible by creating a stylish yet gritty, high concept thriller on a guerrilla budge.

Combining the bleak ambiance of a classic, British urban thriller with Hollywood pace and an international cast and theme, this film will attract audiences at every level. The “lad mag” demographic will see points of contact with the movies of Nick Love and such classics as Get Carter, Face, Eastern Promises, Harry Brown and Outlaw. But the international theme should keep the Guardian readers and the festival goers on board, too, As a film that rewards more than one viewing, we are confident that Bargain will prove a commercial success on general release but be particularly profitable as a DVD on demand. A cult movie of the future and a bench mark by which future films of this genre may be judged, this offering of British and European noir should also do well in several foreign territories.

Direct from the Director

In creating Bargain, we aimed for the overall ambiance of a bleached and degraded look which casts contemporary Britain as a bleak, alienating and hostile environment – a kind of Hell in which the inmates are forced to make moral choices. In this, we were inspired by the tradition of classic noir and the literary canon of Graham Greene as well as movies like Get Carter, Narc, Outlaw, Harry Brown, The Ill Manors, and the canon of Shane Meadows. The film has a similar realist feel. But with flashbacks to the war in Bosnia (featured in graphic black and white), a lot of communication by mobile phone (as in Harry Brown and The Ill Manors), and gunfire and pyrotechnics, there was scope for the introduction of slow motion and other effects, adding a slighter wider dimension to the look of the film, even as it retains its raw and minimalist bleakness.

The urban thriller and crime film is always in season in the UK but Bargain is a Hell of a lot more than just an other revenge film, geezer movie or knock off version of Death Wish, dumbed down for Dudley.

Like Antonia Bird's Face, with its brilliant screenplay by Ronan Bennett, Bargain appeals to the youth demographic of gritty yet “cool” urban thrillers such as The Ill Manors and can be naturally promoted through the style and music press, accordingly. But, like Face and The Ill Manors, it is also a state of the nation movie and a comment on the human condition dealing with front line issues in contemporary Britain, such as the link between alienation and social exclusion, poverty and crime, that have become unloved by many British crime films as much as by mainstream Hollywood, since the decline of the 1980s gangster movie (The Long Good Friday, Empire State) as a critique of Thatcherism.

This serious aspect of Bargain places it in the tradition of classic British crime movies that are sometimes now considered to be art films and which do well on the festival circuit despite using generic conventions and tropes, classical structure and a fast ace that could give the average popcorn “action movie” a run for its money. A certain number of parallels, e.g. with The Fear, on Channel 4, might be appropriate. Many of the themes in Bargain,, like immigration and racism and the experience of diaspora communities are as European and International as they are British. This brings to mind the example of Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, with which Bargain has already been compared but also the French noir crime series, Spiral, on Canal+ and various Scandinavian noir

The “twin tracked” nature of Bargain's target audience will be salient to its marketing and distribution. As an examle, when Get Carter was re-released in the mid 1990s, on the back of a camaign in Loaded magazine, thereby signalling the revival of the British crime film and urban thriller, it did better on DVD release than it had ever done on general release in 1971. Like Get Carter, Bargain is an intelligent film which rewards more than one viewing and with the youth demographic forming an important part of its target audience, we expect it to do well on DVD. This accounts for our decision to start selling Bargain on DOD immediately, through Amazon or Netflix, and to aggressively market it e.g. through the music and style press, as well as via Sight and Sound (hopefully), The Guardian, Empire, Total Film, etc. Parallel to this is will be taken to the right festivals for a film of this kind, such as Berlin and Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and South by South West, to try and secure a separate distribution deal in the five territories. Now, one might argue, that sales on general release would then be diminished by the fact that the film was already doing well on DVD. Our argument, based on studies in Tech Dirt and Wired magazine, is that DOD sales would probably re audiences for general release if the “directors cut” or version of the film screened in cinemas was in some way different to that sold on DOD.

In short, what we left with is an exceedingly marketable product with a long shelf life – a highly marketable film that appeals to a wide ranging demographic.. Additionally, Bargain remains an independent movie, albeit with high production values, meaning we can attract the attention of the masses, as well as the more esoteric film fan, those who will follow the film from its initial announcement. It is these types of film fans that the producers will use to help create a buzz around the film, parallel with its exposure in the film, music and style press. This will involve using a number of high profile websites that will be generating a buzz through an intensive on line campaign, with interviews of the writer and other key creatives continuing to fuel the controversy around the movies. This, and a series of blogs about the film's production, etc, will contribute to a documentary about the making of this film and this, too, will be marketed through DOD and television distribution.., .

Company contact and brokerage: DEL ADVERTISING LLC

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