Investment oportunity - Forex Trading Platform

by Trond Hov

I am consulting start ups and existing ventures with funding and marketing, and one of my clients is looking for a loan/ Investment as mention below

One of the projects that i am assisting right now is a team that is setting up a " Forex Trading Platform " where they already have partners with clients ready to enter this platform. As they are only offering a execution platform there is no risk involved, just a matter of bringing the volume of trades.

They have got good agreements with " equity providers" so they can offer very good trading terms, low fees etc, and as far as i can understand one of the best in the marketplace.

They are looking for a 100 K loan / Investment that would be paid back with 20% interest from 10% of the platform revenue until the amount + interest is paid back and an then extra 2,5 % of the platforms revenue as long as its operative, This 2,5 % could easily become more then 100 K a year.

The money is for securing the setup of this platform. The people behind this setup have many years experience from the Forex Trading industry.

Let me know if this is of interest for you, and more information will be shared

Best regards

Trond Hov
skype : trondhov
email :

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