Investment for Scaling E-Bike/Pedelec company

by Volkmar Kunerth
(San Francisco)




- Pitch

PG bikes is a premium manufacturer for innovative and exclusive state-of-the-art E-Bikes, Pedelecs and UrbanBikes made in Germany.

We will be one of the top premium German engineered E-Bike brands in the USA.

- Traction

Over 2000 bikes sold until today over $15 Million in sales

- Market

Total Market Size USA: 2012 estimated sales of e-bikes were 70,000
2013 159,000 E-bikes were sold
Estimating the current market growth we plan sales of $750,000 in 2014; $1,5 Million in 2015 and $3 Million in 2016.

- What we do better

All wheel technology:PG is the only Bike producer with innovative all-wheel drive, torque sensors, double recuperation, acceleration & tilt sensor

Android via USB connection, PG is the only manufacturer with cruise control function in the app

- Investment
We are seeking $200.000 in start up funds to scale in the business in the US market

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