Investment financing Private Clinic


Investment financing Private Clinic

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, ,

With an interest in the Project forward to your suggestions and detailed information on the conditions and procedure for investment.
We welcome and are willing to work together with the investor.

For Investment project creating and development a promising and unique, versatile and a wide range of private Clinic of traditional and non-traditional (alternative) and ethnoscience (green) medicine in Kiev, Ukraine it's necessary finance investment in accordance with the project of $ 100,0 million. Stage of the project start-up.

The building was built under the Clinic (commercial real estate) his is necessary to buy and carry out reconstruction in the European style, and then gradually start up the Investment project.
Opening Clinic in accordance with our project is novel and unique Zdravnitsa necessary not only for the one million oncology patients in our country, but for the tens of millions of patients with complex diseases after the Chernobyl disaster.

So our project is forward-looking and unique Clinic, his return 1 year.
Clinic business work in stages possibly begin after 3-4 months in the availability of capital the required for purchase and installation in the first place of the American installation Cyber-knife treatment for cancer patients in the amount of 5 sets. And other medical equipment for examination and treatment of various diseased organs of patients.

The investment project of discovery and development of a European-style private Clinic in the capital of Ukraine with the necessary number of fairly modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of multi-million patient population of our country - a new business model.

The introduction of this project to life will be a revolution in medicine in our country in the provision (sale) of modern medical services for diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients in particular, including other disorders of the human body.

The new business model a unique perspective to the work of a private clinic, it makes it possible to obtain highly profitable annual net profit, which in one year of operation Clinic - 100% pay back the investment costs of the investor.

To implement the project Clinic in life prerequisite - investment financing, according to the project costs for the full run of $ 100 M and receiving in the first year net profit $ 139,7 M.

New business, there is valuable and useful idea, well-compiled Investment project and business s plan with excellent annual net profit and rapid payback period investment capital, excellent strong management team.

Investment project and business plan Clinic developed in the European standard business ladies, private doctor with experience of over 20 years.

Thank you.
I'm waiting for your messages.

With sincere respect
Business Lady, Dr.Zariana/Svitlana

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