Investing in Broiler farms

by Farhaan Perally

My project is mainly to be invoived in the production of Broilers (chicken for meat) in Mauritius.

My project is to acquire around 7 to 10 acres of land which can cost around USD 280,000 and to build around 6 to 7 poultry houses which will cost around USD 300,000. Initial working capital is USD 50,000. Total cost is around USD 630,000.

I can even kick start the project will low level production which total cost will be around USD 120, 000

The size of project depends on the funding received.

The average net profit(after all expenses and tax) over capital employed per annum is around 28%. You can expect a full payback in 4 years.

Sales sources are already known and 99% secured.

Various negotiations are in place for exportation of chicken which will prove it more profitable.

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