Invest in the next Big E-learning Platform in Central and West Africa !

by Serge MEHOUNE
(Libreville, Gabon.)

Hi dear !

I am Serge Mehoune, a young entrepreneur born in Libreville, Gabon. Digital education of African people is a big business opportunity that I smell. since 2012 I plan to create the largest online learning platform in Central Africa and West Africa.

In 2015, with the market research that I realized I was able to save a database (with numbers phones) to nearly 1,500 people interested in my program in almost 30 African countries including the African Diaspora around the world. I've even been able to get my first paying customers!!! I Think now that i have all the indicators to certainly start a successful business.

But since the project is blocked because I lack the financial resources that would allow me to better equip me, form teams, communicate and better meet the strong demand that I face.

For this, I am ready to work with any investor willing to accompany me, either by paying off loan or giving shares in the company.

Feel free to contact me and I hope it will be the beginning of a fruitful and successful cooperation between us!

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