Invest in the future of social Gaming! SKARA - The Blade Remains

by Cesar Ortega
(London, UK)



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SKARA - The Blade Remains

“One of the Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2014” - Twodashstash
“This game MUST happen” - OnRPG
“A MOBA game with a unique play style!” - Kredentis
“One of the most anticipated F2P games at the E3” - MMOhuts

Dear investor, welcome to SKARA.

SKARA is the first MOV - a Multiplayer Online and Versus game. Adversarial control and combat set in massive multiplayer arenas that will revolution the social fighting landscape.

To take us there, we have signed agreements with EPIC, Microsoft, Nokia and others. Besides, SKARA – The Blade Remains has already raised USD 500k, this money is currently used to complete the development of the game.

Today we are looking to raise additional investment in exchange of equity in SKARA – The Blade Remains. The proceeds from this round will allow us to launch SKARA to the global market.

If you are interested, please visit and contact us through

The SKARA Team

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