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by Daniela Zeffiro

Synopsis: The film opens with an aerial shot of the waves crashing onto a dark beach with the sounds and lights of the Miami’s exotic nightlife in the background. Thugs enter the hottest night club in Miami, which is filled with beautiful women from throughout the USA and Latin America. Detectives Marks and Roberts are executing drug raids simultaneously at two different locations. Marks busts down the warehouse door with a SWAT Team, while Roberts breaks down the front door of Drug Kingpin Antonio Salazar, arresting him as well as his beautiful live-in girlfriend and ex-model Julia Baker

Budget: $546,570

Recoupment: The initial sum of investment will be returned to investor from theatrical sales and DVD/Blu-Ray.

Return: Revenue breakdown of 55% to Investor and 45% to Production Company.

Timeline: Investor(s) may invest in 4 increments of $100,000, with a final amount of $146,570.

Distribution: Independent arms of major studios like Focus Features, Paramount Vantage, and Fox Searchlight, as well as independent distribution houses like Lionsgate Films and Magnolia Pictures.

Genre: Action/Crime Thriller

Target audiences: Loaded Monday is targeted toward a large range of audiences. However, as the film is an Action/Crime thriller, and the audience would be geared for adults ages 15+.

Language: English

Rating: R

Loaded Monday Story: LOADED MONDAY is what you get when you combine Sylvester Stallone’s The Specialist, Gibson’s Lethal Weapon and the Fox hit Television series 24, a thrilling and non-stop action filled Monday in Miami. A wild and high intensity ride capturing the audience’s attention with jam-packed action. Shootouts, betrayals and brutal interrogations ensue as Detectives Roberts and Yount chase multiple leads to find a cop killer, leading them to the front door of a known Drug Kingpin Antonio Salazar. Salazar finds himself double-crossed by his psychotic right hand man. A love story blossoms throughout the day between Roberts and the beautiful daughter of Salazar that could ultimately end in death. The audience will discover the answer to the question; will honor and virtue ultimately prevail when they are tested to the extremes

Marketing Strategy
LOADED MONDAY’S media strategy will make good use of the advance buzz created by strategically placed trailers on network, syndicated, and cable television programs that are of interest to our three target markets. We will employ a much more aggressive and “deep” television strategy more immediately before the initial release. We will also purchase radio advertising time in all markets that will run two weeks before as well as the week of the release in the relevant market for each of the three
platform levels. Newspaper advertising will run in the three major opening markets two weeks preceding the primary release of the film, and continue through the week of the initial release.
Magazine advertising will be purchased to run the full month preceding the opening weekend of the film.

Our television advertising plan includes a cohesive mix of network, syndicated, and cable television programs tailored to the interests of our target markets. Our teaser trailer will run on specific programs as far as two months in advance to help create an awareness and buzz, with frequency picking up along with the release of the full trailer six weeks before opening. Two weeks before the initial release will mark the highest frequency of television shown, and this will continue through the third stage of the theatrical release.

Online advertising space will be purchased on a selection of relevant websites up to three weeks before the film’s opening weekend. We will also buy ad space on the printed inside-flap of the Netflix mailing envelope. The teaser trailer and later the full trailer will be posted on YouTube as they become available.

The logo and one-sheet will be reflected in all of our advertising. The one-sheet will be sent to theaters involved in all three stages of the release three months before our opening weekend. Ads will appear in major New York, Los Angeles, and Miami newspapers, as well as a selection of popular regional and national magazines.

The methods of outdoor advertising provide eye-catching and attention-grabbing ways for Loaded Monday to draw a focus out on the street. Formats include billboards, train platforms, South Florida’s Tri Rail, phone kiosks, buses and bus shelters, and wild postings.

Radio ad time will be purchased in all markets two weeks before and the week of the opening weekend relevant to that market.
Public Relations
LOADED MONDAY’S overall publicity strategy will be to obtain as much free press coverage and buzz as possible to help sustain a successful platform release. We will accomplish this through creative events and premieres, press conferences, and guerilla tactics. We will hope to develop a positive word-of-mouth that will accompany traditional advertising techniques in promotion for the film.

Publicity Strategy
We will hold our Miami premiere the weekend before our initial release. The premiere will be a red-carpet affair, to which press, celebrities, and other opinion leaders will be invited. Guests will be treated during a reception to a gallery display by the cast and crew of LOADED MONDAY. The event will be memorable and designed to leave a lasting impression on the press and help to obtain positive reviews for the film.
Immediately following the film premiere, a press conference will be held allowing attending journalists to ask questions of the director and the cast. This will help to reinforce for the press a relationship with the film, and allow them access to quotes and tidbits of information that can add unique qualities and perspectives to their reviews.

Brokerage company for contact:DEL ADVERTISING LLC

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