Invest in Coconut palm harvesting machine

by Prasad Dixit
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Fennec Robotics is an Indian based firm located in Pune city India. We work into Robotic and Automation

Our Strategy:
To make monopoly of the CocoBot in the coconut harvesting sectors. It is a coconut cutting and climbing machine
>> Purpose:
At present these area suffering from shortage of human resource to climb the tree and the existing devices are not fulfilling their requirement completely. The purpose of developing CocoBot is to harvest coconuts by cutting them off the tree
>> Market:
Farmers and Individuals growing coconut farms for commercial purpose in India and International level
>> Requirement:
Requirement of funds up to 47099 USD for the marketing and selling of the product

"India alone needs about 2 lakh coconut climbers and if you add all the major coconut growing countries, the figure is about 8 lakh. That presents a huge opportunity for the robot idea, considering the sheer number of robots to be manufactured. It would be the most mass-produced robot in any sector," Mr Velayudhan told ET
"The situation is going to get worse in the near future when the present set of coconut climbers will cross the 45-50 age group and no youngster wanting to follow in their footsteps," says Mr Velayudhan.
And the coconut palms are only getting taller by the years, adding to the enormity of the challenge.

The device – CocoBot is useful for the farmers, traders, companies who use “coconut” as their main source of income. It can also be purchased by an individual for personal use.
The CocoBot will climb on the tree to cut the bunch of coconuts, leaf and unwanted parts. It can also spray chemicals on the tree for pest controlling.

Market Size:
Coconut is grown in more than 86 countries worldwide, with a total production of 54 billion nuts per annum. India occupies the premier position in the world with an annual production of 13 billion nuts, overtaking Indonesia and the Philippines, the other two prominent coconut-growing countries.
In numbers: 54 Billion nuts/ year
Amongst India produce: 13 Billion nuts/ year

Market for Coconut Products:
The growing market for all coconut products is waking up even in the USA and Europe, countries which have never used coconut in their cuisine. Virgin Coconut Oil, selling at a premium, is also being valued for its health benefits with claims being made that it is very beneficial for HIV Aids patients with some scientific validation too.

Selling and Marketing channels/ Marketing strategy:
1. Direct selling (B2C) : Demos at village level with the help of own regional offices
2. Distributor selling (B2B) – distributor’s margin of marketing
Distributors – Coconut federations, Agro universities, individual equipment sellers
3. Service (Urban areas): Paper leaflets, phone calls

Please refer excel sheet for more details of sales target
1. Approve the pilot model from various experts after rigorous testing – 6 months
2. Tie-up with various distributors in various regions – 6 months
3. Start own cutting service (same year after 1st stage)
4. Direct sell (after 1 year) and export outside India

Investment requirement and utilization:
Total investment required: Up to $47099 (Funds requirement in(USD) Approx.)

Fin. Year 2015 (Jan-March)


 Test Marketing and distributor product manufacturing – $784.99
 Total units to develop: 10 ($1098.99/ unit)
 Marketing: Travel, participation in exhibition – $3924.95

Total: $15699.82

Year 2015-16

 Marketing team setup – Required resources – 4 (Major states) and incurred cost – $7849.91
 Distribution channel setup and units development – $7849.91

Total: $15699.82

Year 2016-17

 Sales offices on rent – No, 4 $6279.93
 Overseas distribution $9419.89

Total: $15699.82

Expected Revenue Generation in 5 years:

Total Sell: $3122191.87
Total Net: $1633848.87
Yearly avg sell $624438.37
Monthly avg sell $52036.53

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