International Investment Bank Looking For Projects

Up to 90% Loan to Value. Minimum USD 10Million, Maximum 1 Billion (or more for infrastructure).
5.5% first 3 years, then 5% above LIBOR rate.
Solid Business Plan and feasibility study must be available. Prove demand. Strong principal profiles.

To begin our review, we will require a Use of funds, Executive Summary and a detailed Exit Strategy.
To apply: use the 'Contact Us' button of this website.


Our exclusive funding product is excellent for development & construction. The term of construction plus a period of time to complete the sales is available.
Other funding is also available for smaller projects. Development or construction finance is applicable for acquisition, development and construction of multiple residential, commercial, shopping centres, retail, hotels, warehouses or subdivisions.

Whether it’s solar or other types of energy, financing is available for senior debt. We have access to equity if required. Financing can be used for development and construction.

We define commercial as existing income producing real estate. This includes office buildings, retail, warehouses and any other real estate or companies that produce an income. Our programs include acquisition, re-finance, renovation and distressed properties.

HARD MONEY (Short term)
The term of the loan can be up to 2 years, with an interest rate of between 9% & 12% and up to AUD50 million.

We have leveraged finance against an SBLC or a Bank Guarantee for astute borrowers or those borrowers who are asset rich.

EQUITY (Joint Venture "JV" Finance)
Equity JV participation is usually for development projects of many types. In this case, the JV will take an equity position in the project and will assist with financing. JV's can also be used for their expertise in development and construction if required.

To begin our review, we will require a Use of funds, Executive Summary and a detailed Exit Strategy.
To apply: use the 'Contact Us' button of this website and ask for an application form, mention Investment Bank.

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Funding Needed
by: Sanders Services


1. Executive Summary
Sanders Services is a business whose operations specialize in the Business and healthcare industries. Based out of Sacramento, Sanders Services intends to provide cost competitive prices, reputable brand products, and knowledgeable expertise to the entire United States

1.1 Business Opportunity
Sanders Services strives to excel in the Practice Management industry by helping physicians to run their practices more efficiently and increase their revenue by providing Practice Management Services and save on in-house costs. We work to reduce the claims rejection rate of physicians' practices from the average 34% down to less than 2% and speed up the claims process by putting the claims through and getting them paid quicker. We will remain highly competitive and will maintain high standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

1.2 Product/Service Description
Sanders Services ' product/service lines hold leverage over its competition because it provides cost competitive prices, reputable brand products, and knowledgeable expertise. Sanders Services ' primary service consists of business consulting, medical billing, client payment management, document management, client contact management, and business opportunity for individuals.

1.3 Financial Potential
Funding will be allocated towards advertising, wages, salary of owner(s), telephone, utilities, website hosting, and website set up, required to establish a solid foundation. Sanders Services estimates its first year sales to reach $2,000,000.00, with net earnings of $1,019,581.00. Second year sales are expected to reach $3,500,000.00, with net earnings of $2,510,000.00. Third year sales are expected to reach $6,000,000.00, with net earnings of $4,995,500.00 by the end of its third year of operations.

1.4 The Request
To fulfill its goals and objectives Sanders Services requires funding in the amount of $5,819,000.00 to ensure its successful launch.


We write to inquire about your services to secure an amount of USD$105,000,000 loan facility to undertake a waste to energy power plant and Tomato processing line plant projects at Awutu Senya in the Central region of Ghana. The repayment period will be 15years with moratorium for one year.

The project when completed will supplement the energy required in Ghana to a large extent and relief the government from the energy burden it carries in the country. Also solve part of employment issues.

It is therefore our expectation that we would get the needed finance coupled with the support from the government of Ghana, and the expertise from all parties to implement the project successfully.

These production factories are autonomous. Water and waste from the tomato processing line will be channel to the waste to energy as raw material to MWTE facility

Part of the power, biodiesel and fertilizer produced by the MWTE will be used by the tomato farms, factory and transportation. Then the ashes will be used for landfills.

The project is in the process of qualifying for environmental and technology permits, EPA from the District Assemble. Securing feedstock from the ZOOMLION Gh Ltd. A municipal waste management company Ghana and power off-take commitments, from the Gov’t, as well as an agreement with the EPC contractor.

Additional funding required
by: Anonymous

Our company trade publicly listed medium term notes (MTNs) which has been successful, the MTNs are at a discounted rate and we only buy when we have the exit buyer in place.

We are not here offering MTNs, ( I would like to make this clear)

However we do have access to more MTNs than the funds on our account will allow us to purchase, therefore if you have hard cash I would like to speak with you.

We are generating a decent return each month and are willing to share this with someone who can supply additional funding.

Kindly note we are NOT looking for any BG / SBLC or any of this nonsense - any deals like this DO NOT HAPPEN, this I promise you.

Our company is based in London and once we open a dialogue I will be wiling to share our credentials. At this time I cannot make it public knowledge due to the sensitivity of the matter.

If we are able to work together then any funds will be secured by the publicly listed medium term note and full transparency will be given.

Kazakhstan - Three investment projects
by: Kairat

We have three investment projects: 2 billion 360 million dollars
The first project for $ 400 million - the construction of hydropower plants on Shelek river
The second project is 1 billion 800 million dollars - the construction of Combined heat and power plant in Semey city with power of 500 Megawatt
The third project - Acquisition and Development of existing coal mine - 160 Million USD

All these three projects will be implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Best regards
Kairat Kulanchiev

Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this websiste, mention "Kazakhstan - Three investment projects"

by: William Manuel

I need funding for Township Developments in South Africa.

Kind Regards

Start up funding for $ 2,000,000.00
by: Alexandrine Hakwenye

Building Amusement and themes park in Namibia first kind and 8th in Africa

Looking for Funding - Crude Oil Block Project, Indonesia
by: Carlos J Cruz

We are currently looking for the best option of business offers as an Investment partner or an investment loan or any other workable business option for us.
(1st Option). - Investment Loan:
We currently need an investment loan with the current budget of USD$28.5MM.

The repayment of the USD$28.5MM can be guaranteed in less than 24 months as soon as we start the production but as you know is not attractive business for your fund or any of your investors provide a loan for less than 4 years. We can accept negotiate a 10% to 15% IRR per Year according to the terms and conditions of the loan.
(2nd Option). - The 25% shareholding acquisition for the lives of the project:
We are able to giving to your Fund a shareholding of 25% for the life of the project plus share a join administration. Currently we have in our corporate equation a drilling company as a partner in Indonesia with very good and competitive cost that is why our in our budget the drilling cost are very cheap. Other terms and conditions can be discuss and establish in the right moment.
For the 25% shareholding we are seeking the sum of USD$35MM, this amount will including all the CAPEX development project costs.
(3rd Option). - The 51% shareholding acquisition for the lives of the project:
We are able to giving to your Fund a shareholding of 51% for the life of the project plus share a join administration and control of the company. All about the local engineering operations we prefer handling all under our control because we know the market and we have a very close relationship with the government.

As I told you above, currently we have in our corporate equation a drilling company (PERTAMINA) as a partner in Indonesia with very good and competitive cost that is why our in our budget the drilling cost are very cheap. Other terms and conditions can be discuss and establish in the right moment.

For the 51% shareholding we are seeking the sum of USD$70MM, this amount will including all the CAPEX development project costs.

Working in this final option, we would like to establish from Day One that we prefer to agree not increase the stock/shareholding capital of the company.

We had the breakdown of the capital required as a function of time. In case of interest please let me know to proceed in do the signing of the NDA and share with you all documents Including the Offtake Agreement.

In case of your satisfaction after the revision of the documents, If you like to exploring this business opportunity let me know, we are ready to signed an MOU and/or MOA in case of understanding; in case that you required we are able to sending to you all the documents of this first Indonesia business Options. Also, we have no problem in do the signing of an Engagement letter after do the revision of the document.

This project is ready to go, can be in production in about 15th to 18th months’ time.
of having interest in assisting in this project, can contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Need loan for Milk and Meet Processing factory in Bangladesh
by: M M Rahman

we are seeking for start-up loan for our 100% Halal Export oriented Composite Meat & Milk and by Products,feed-meal processing Plant. We will execute revenue from 99% live weight of live Cattle.

If you interested then contact us.


M M Rahman

The old man village
by: Mr. S

We have project to build the old man village with all residence and take a rest area. Now a day, the old man is much rise up and more than 40% are single. So we need to do the small community for the old man who has same age and not have any son or daughter to take care.

our plane will do the start once the funding arrive around 3 MUSd.
kindly please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

India,s Bangalore based coffee countyresorts stand by looking 150Individual poolvilla,s SPA resort consruction40million US$ Mortgage loan
by: Anonymous

DEAR sir./madam We from India’s - Bangalore based coffee county
resort. we had in world kinds of colors kinds of view into always
rich green coffee estate commercial site. So we planed setup
Eco-friendly green individual pool villas spa tourist resort. So rich
attractive world wide, Coffee county resort offers its customers &
range of
accommodation from 5-7 star from Old Charm Array. Bangalore In world
Leading number 2 soft ware Export hubs, Space hubs, aeronautic hubs,
in world kinds of software exports groups trillions investment hubs,
US Drone Air croft recent 50 billions $ investment hubs,7-8millions
software working tikes, revelers couples etc had Bangalore
, .So Bangalore star hotels always100% Occupancy business. So
corporate Exports, revelers, etc a night
staying fly to 1400KM. So we planed set up 300 Individual pool
villa's , SPA ,Golf Resort. Its Bangalore based Coffee County
Resorts & SPA, we registered company, we had Own commercial site ,it
total 140 more acore ,It is always rich green coffee estate, site
existing 2 number big lakes for Boating, site had always rich green
kinds of green trees, kinds of Bird songs-watching kinds of Birds
,peacock sounds,
nature steadies, trekking in side the green coffee estate, step into
hanging bridge, tourist visit to 400 more 12 centuries King HOYSALA,S
time handmade by stone carving jewelry works Incredible! Also its
temples world fame's. Site in world kinds of green coffee estate in
side trails, SPA , Golf. It site attractive in world kinds of rich &
long time staying tourists, Revelers. Also site view 3 side
open-to-Sky step by step earth cutting kinds of colors Paddy cove
amazing View !

Also Resort site located 5 big Software Exports hubs Space hubs,
Aircraft hubs, in world kinds of software groups trillions
investment hubs, US Drone air croft 50billions$ investment Air croft
hubs &Biotechnology hubscities,3 big SEZ zones,2 International
airports, 5corporate cities,7 Universities & world heritage UNESCO
approved 4 heritage center nearest our resort site. Also resort place
Sakaleashpur -Hassan always rich floating zone from International
&Domestic tourists. Also place had India's all metro cities connect NH
finest 4 lane Bus & Trains Roads. We planed attractive worldwide
difference kinds of rich long time staying tourists & attractive Asian
pacific Region countries golf plays, Honey moons, cupules etc. Its one
pool villa, 12 squires, 2 number open-to-Sky, courtyard ,Lobby
,leaving hall, swimming pool, etc. It is truly Old Charm Array type
of concept individual pool villa's, so rich attractive world wide
software exports ,corporate companies, Honey moon s couples,
corporate, International & Domestic delegations, Golf players,
Revelers, Kinds of rich, long time staying tourists, etc. Also we
planed Affiliate like RCI etc groups.
Also we planed Install India's all metro cities Booking Agents & world
wide also in Bangalore. So coffee
county pool villa’s always absolutely 100% occupancy business. NOTE:
we get all permit ion from govt. of department, So we looking by
stand 150 number individual pool villa's 40-Million
US$ Investor.
Also we planed start business from 80 number individual pool villa's
,its construction time 10 month, .open villa's before 8-10 month we
start online Booking its from Before booking upcoming $
2,7000000.Coffeecounty resort offers its customers & range of
accommodation from 5-7star Also we planed 1 pool villa kinds of
Tariff individual pool villa's from AP plane, Like one pool
villaweekdays-780US$. weekend days 860US $, X-mass Holidays
1090US$.Also we planed kinds of Packages, Like Holidays packages,
monsoon package, Honeymoon's Package etc, it is Kinds of Tariff. We
provision Eco friendly –tourism Resort..

India is a dynamic country with strong economic fundamentals and
favorable demographics, with projected annual GDP growth of more than
12% through 2018 and a rapidly urbanizing population of 1.2 billion.
India currently has 42 cities of over one million people, a number
expected to grow to nearly 70 by 2030. These cities are projected to
generate 70% of the country’s GDP. Travel and tourism are forecast to
grow at rates similar to those of the broader economy and the
hospitality sector is projected to double in size over the next seven
years. Lastly, India has some of the hike per capita hotel room
penetration rates in the world, and product targeting the
value-conscious business traveler is significantly under supplied
.India $1.7 trillion economy; projected to multiply 5x by 2030 12%
GDP growth in 2020 1.2 billion population, 60% under age 35 Rapidly
urbanizing population with 42 cities 1 million people Very hike per
capital star hotel room penetration rates

Hospitality sector projected to double over next 9-10 years So we
planed setup resorts India,s all metro cities & Asian pacific Region
& U A E we surly reach to 2022 no 800 pool villas. .So we send to
you Bangalore- Hassan site coffee county Individual pool villa's
Proposal bird eye view files etc. NOTE we get all permeations from
govt of department. we request you contact immediate-Don't hesitate
us, it is rich opportunity for you.
. This site in world kinds of colors view ,kinds of view individual
pool villa's SPA, Golf Resort. Fully Eco-friendly Rich Green
attractive Resort &Create huge Job to youths. This resort always
100%occupancy business .so we request yours investment to this resort
site .we stand by looking 40 million$ investor.

Best regards
c yoganand

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Technical expert Ltd.
by: Andrey

We are ready to provide many projects in Russia which in search of the investor or the credit. Projects in the sphere of the real estate, the industry and agriculture. Also there is a need of financing of transactions in oil and gas sector.
Write me your interest and conditions of

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Aspire Energy Namibia
by: Anonymous

Hi am Jimmy from Namibia (South West Africa) and am into Solar Power. I have a project that can generate multi million dollars so I need you to send me the summary of your loans including the interest structures. We in need of loans worth US 20 000 000


hello gautam from india we have solar project in india we need funding 50 mw terms and conditions regards

Vegetables & Fruits Trader project
by: Mrs. Mitch Mavuzi Memba

The project consist to purchase vegetables & fruits from local farmers and make a profit selling at local markets. the business idea is to provide healthy,nutritional and quality vegetables and fruits to the public. In addition to vegetables and fruits, the extension of my project would like to explore the possibilities of selling fish in the market.
In essence my focus will be concentrate on vegetables as its primary product. This includes : cabbage, carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes, basil, beans, corn, cucumber, lettuce, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce.
I look forward to expand my project retail to wholesale in the capital of Kinshasa ( Democratic Republic of Congo)
I look an investment, partner and funds to growth that wonderful Business.

Funding for Subdivision development, condo & hotel construction in Baguio City
by: Johnny Badecao Pacsi

Good Day!
I Am Johnny B. Pacsi from Baguio City, i have been in the real estate business and my office is in D-307,Lopez Building, Assumption Road, Kabayanihan, Baguio City, Philippines. Baguio is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. It is also the center of trade, commerce and education in the northern part of the country. the City is always refreshed by its cool climate which is the main reason why people are keep on visiting and increasing numbers are coming up to have there residence in this city of pines. It is in this city, where there is a prime lot with an of area 3.5 hectares located in the exclusive place for rich people of this city which is very ideal to be developed as world class hotels & condominiums with commercial area and amenities. a per the feasibility study, a total Loan of US$30,000,000 loan is enough to start the realization of the project. The total gross sales of the said project will be around US$ 410,500,000. It would be a profitable business. I hope there will be International fundings who will be interested to extend loan for the realization the project.

Respectfully yours,

Johnny B. Pacsi
Gen. Manager, Bridger Realty

Loan. For th project in India
by: Mosaddique. Patel

SIR. I AM FROM INDIA I WANT SEED LOSN OF 500000$ for the projects in I dis can you. Give us loan AGANST. Collateral. Of. Excellent REGARDS. M Y PATEL MES MBA CEO KETKI. EXPORTS NASIK. MAHARSHTRA. STATE. INDIA. CEO.

Educational infrastructure funding
by: Eben Tepre

We are looking for funding (about $50,000,000)to construct Hostels,lecture halls and auditorium for the Ghana Christian University College in Ghana.please send me more information on your funding especially the interest rates.
Thank you
Eben Tepre
For the Architects and consultants

Contact me trough the Contact Us page of this website.

Procedure with this funding source
by: Marc

This funding source has access to $1Billion+ for funding construction and development projects up to 85-90%.

You will need an excellent business plan with a feasibility study, project insurance, experienced team, etc.

You will also need a cash deposit of 10-15%. This can be obtained by working with an equity partner, a bank guarantee or any other way you have to raise this portion. We may have equity investors interested in your project. This cash deposit is refunded at the end of the construction period.

Very thorough due diligence will be done, make sure you have a budget to pay for that and for accountants and lawyers fees.

I have gone through the process with several projects and do not take this lightly. Do not apply unless you have full documentation lined up and you have a budget for funding. I wrote an article about that on Linkedin:

I have another article about funding here:

If you think you qualify: use the Contact Us page here on the website.


Seeking Funding for a Startup Helicopter Venture
by: Shawn Carmody

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Shawn Carmody and I am seeking to find an investor/s for my startup helicopter company venture. First, I'd like to know if your firm funds startup ventures? I am the owner of a new startup helicopter company called Heavy-Kopters LLC. It is my intention to startup and build this new heavy lift helicopter company that will be available for heavy-lift work anywhere in the world. We plan to offer a load lifting capacity of up to 26,000 pounds initially with the CH-47D helicopter, that capacity will increase to 36,000 pounds once we acquire CH-53E helicopters once they are retired from the military. We plan to offer personnel and internal cargo transport as well as fire-fighting services using both of these helicopter models. I am aware of up to 6 CH-47D Chinooks that are available on a barter basis from a foreign government, all they seek in return is a new Russian MI-171 helicopter setup as they request, this is minuscule compared to the cost of 6 Chinook helicopters, the possibility also exists to acquire 2 Boeing BV 234 helicopters from the same government and its my intention to acquire them as well if possible.

My reason for writing to you is that I am seeking an investor in order to get this venture off the ground and running. I intend to base this company in the United States but eventually plan to expand to South America first but I will start the company in the state of Texas. It is our intention to be an international provider of heavy lift helicopter services to corporations, government agencies, and other organizations that would require this type of support.

I am ready to submit a business plan for your consideration but I would appreciate the opportunity for us to complete a non-disclosure agreement between our organizations before that happens and I would very much appreciate your assistance with getting this company venture funded and get it up and running.
As I stated before, my plan is to eventually base the company in South America, a specific country has not been selected yet but that will occur at a later date. Once started in the United States, we plan to expand to South America as well as other countries and continents as opportunities allow.

A company website has been started but it's still very basic and explains the capabilities of the 2 types of helicopters we intend to use. For now, we want to start with the CH-47 Chinook exclusively, the MI-26 may be considered later depending on political issues. I am considering using the CH-53E helicopter in place of the MI-26 once they are made available from the military as the CH-53E is the most powerful heavy-lift helicopter available in the western hemisphere at this time. Please review our basic company website that offers a description of the CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters.

The company website url is: , more information will be posted there once funding has been accomplished. I am very interested in working with you to get my company venture going and once a non-disclosure agreement is completed I will send you my company's business plan for your consideration.
Please contact me using the Contact Us page at this website.

Re: BUGTOPIA ~ 3D animated feature w/ names & Oscar and Emmy winning Executives and Producers attached
by: CAB Bolton

This CAB Bolton and I have created a 3D animated feature film project "BUGTOPIA" and wanted to see if this project might be of interest to you. We have a GREAT STORY and this is a potential blockbuster.

We at CAB International Entertainment Group create ORIGINAL, UNIVERSAL and COMMERCIAL, compelling, thought-provoking, meaningful and entertaining video, movie and television properties from a FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

NOTE: My team and I are looking for a EP / Co-production partnership and or funding for a 3D animated feature film with names attached.

Here is our Executive Summary / pitch deck for our 3D animated feature film entitled, "BUGTOPIA". The purpose for contacting you with this short elevator pitch is to forward it to investors or those with contacts to investors. We are looking for;

1) Equity venture capital / Angel Investment (Not a Debt loan) for our Universal and Commercial CG 3D animated feature film, "BUGTOPIA - The Ladybug Story".

NOTE: Think of 3D animated films like, "A Bugs Life", "Antz" & "Shark Tale".

DISTRIBUTION: We have an LOI for international and domestic retail and digital distribution for the DVD & Blu-ray, (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Fye, redbox and etc...) . We are in touch with theatrical distribution brokers & movie sales teams. One of our Executive Producers has the previous experience and access to every Hollywood studio for theatrical distribution and she has confirmed we will approach DreamWorks to provide our Animation Production.


We just secured Hollywood veteran Executive Producer Helena S. Hamilton (over 40 film productions and worked at Paramount, Universal, worked on several major animation productions and provided productions for Comedy Central, HBO and more. She has also mention bringing on DreamWorks on board to provide our animation production and Oscar winning producers that worked Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) -

We have an LOI from Emmy Award winning animation producer at NIC Entertainment Inc. John Petrovitz -

We have an LOI from Emmy nominated producer Marcia Campbell -

We also have LOI's from actor "LEON" Robinson, (Cool Running's, Above The Rim, Crossing Jordan, Get Rich or Die Trying, Waiting To Exhale, Cliffhanger and etc...) IMBd -


actress Cocoa Brown, (Lakeview Terrace w/ Samuel Jackson, 2 Broke Girls, Psych, Breaking Bad, Tyler Perry's 2014 release - Single Moms Club and etc...) IMBd -

NOTE: The remaining main 7 characters (Stars of the film) have been reserved for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. We have already cast 40+ acting parts. Our wish is more of a want list that we will get and consist of Jamie Fox, Tracey Morgan, Kevin Hart, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Angela Bassett and or Mo'Nique. We have a casting company on standby.

NOTE: The LogLine, Synopsis, Executive Summary, Screenplay and business plan available upon request

NOTE: 3D animated movies have outperformed all other genres of film.

We hope this information helps in your decision to move forward with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day!

Looking for fund
by: Ddamulira wilber

Am in uganda kampala looking for financial boost of $ 50,000 and my business is poultry farming

Mining investors needed urgently
by: Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited

Hello Marc,
My company Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited, we are down-to-earth miners located at the Benue Troughs, Nigeria.
Over the years, we have been working manually with the help of local manpower, and this has not been feasible due to the extent of work involved. We have about 5 mining pits containing barite mineral and recently we acquired a virgin land which have pure traces of Galena which is a great ore of lead.
Before the year 2015 ran out, there was an accident which hospitalized one of our esteemed worker, thankfully no life was lost although every life has been insured as directed by the Federal government. Now to prevent any further occurrences, we have decided as a body to go fully into mechanized mining, and this will cost us a lot hence we seek investment and partnership from interested investors, companies or individuals.
I will be grateful to provide any requested proposal, and documents etc as concerns our business field.

Samuel Mbanefo (Engr.)
+2348160435152, +2349058150268
igweesammy at yahoo dot com
Public Relations
Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited

Vegetable Farming in Port Harcourt - Nigeria
by: David Okpewho

Planning to start-up a greenhouse vegetable farming on 4 hectares of land to cultivate tomato/peppers and strawberry. Also we planned to set up a tomato processing plant. $10M is required

Need 100% Funding

Well established Medical Practice Business inn Canada
Cash flow is guaranteed by OHIP Government Medical Insurance.

Net profit $10 Million per year.
15 Locations with licenses.

need $30 Million for acquisition of this very well established business.

Call 416-616-4949

looking for investor
by: Anonymous

we have a good project and we looking for investor
fund needed 1 000 000 usd email us for more details

More information
by: Marc

Please send executive summary to:

Renewable Energy
by: Jimmy Haluka

Dear Sir

We are a group of young thinkers and have come up with the project of a prepaid renewable energy from solar panels. My partner mentioned it before here but didn;t received funds yet. We have all the paper work and the project can't be copied by the second party.
Project capital $25 000 000
Project yearly profit expectation $24 408 000

Looking for investors that want high R.O.I, without the risk of 100% capital protection,
by: Janusz

Dear Sirs
Looking for investors that want high R.O.I, without the risk of 100% capital protection, → for investment in real estate (Poland), Project "ECO" - 5 ÷ 50 million Euro {R.O.I > 40%} → Joint Venture, combination of DEBT & EQUITY, or loan, BRIDGE LOAN, BG + LOAN, Mezzanine Finance, other..... I accept the cost of financing ~ 12% per year, this is the actual result of the JV = 50%/50%, with a guaranteed R.O.I. = 40%, - Please e-mail address, I will send Business Plan - Best Regards,

Funding support request
by: BALETON du Grand Nord

To whom it may concern

BALETON du Grand Nord Association
49, rue 14 Q Cap-Haitian, Haiti (WI)

Dear Responsible,
We are a group of seven young men founders of an Association under the name of BALETON du Grand Nord (BGN). We have an agricultural business plan of $ 20,000 USD. Our selected product is organic plantain set to be grown on a two-hectare land that is already available with a never-drying river on its south side. Our goal is to contribute as much as possible to the agricultural development of our country. In order to "start up" our farm, we are looking for funding.

Therefore, a funding support from your funding program would be a great rescue of dream come true. Would you inform us about the terms and conditions of your funding process? Thank you in advance for your great support.

M. Mackenson SAINT PHAR
Secretary-General & Logistics
(954)821-8953 ( Speak English and French)

Project Owner
by: Aip Sutira

i would like to discuss firther for my projects :

1. Trading Coal , need USD 10 Miliion for 5 Year duration of Loan. We need soon on Dec 2015.
The ROI aboved 200% and BEP less than 1 years.

2. Renewable Energy , We will build Interated Biogas, Biodiesel & Wind Energy Projects , We need USD 55 Million for 10 Years duration of Loan.
The ROI aboved 120% and BEP less than 2 years .

Project Owner

by: İlgar

Hello dear sirs,
İ need to finance the best agriculture project.
İt has very big return profits with minimal risks. If you are interested please send an email to

by: Paulo Carneiro

Dear Sirs

I would like to discuss in detail about possible alternatives to fund my projects.

Kind regards!

Seeking for working capital
by: Iheanyichukwu

We are seeking working capital of $200,000, please contact me,


Source checked by Business-Funding-Insider
by: Marc

This funding source was checked and approved by

We need your eligibility criteria
by: Ovidiu Borchin


We are located in Timisoara, Romania, Central Balkans and we are interested.
Thank you.

Dr. Ovidiu Borchin

PS Please do not send us from a free email address your response.

Seeking funding...!!!
by: Anonymous

Project wind Energy
by: Slav

We seeking investment 200 mln euro, please contact me


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