Interested In Acquiring An Island In Maldives?

by Mohamed
(Maldives, Male')

If you are interested in resort development or looking for a perfect hideaway isolation here is a great opportunity!

Island Specification:
The size of the island is 9.6 hectors (length (m) 407.6, Width (m) 303.2) located in the central north of Maldives, which is known as Baa Atoll - A remote natural wilderness that invites discovery, exotic jungle greenery is flanked by immaculate white beaches and surrounded by a turquoise lagoon.

The Baa Atoll, Maldives has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve – an area of natural excellence recognized for its unique harmony between man and nature. Known internationally as one of the world's best scuba diving destinations, the Maldives has an abundance of dive sites with one thrilling dive opportunity after another. The waters surrounding is the home for Manta rays, whale shakes and other beautiful marine lives.

How to reach to this remote island?
A 30 minutes seaplane from the International airport takes you to the this beautiful tropical island or a 20 minutes domestic plane takes you to the nearest airport and a 20 minutes speed boat from the domestic airport will take you to the island.

If you are interested in Developing the island as Resort here are some quick facts!
The government regulations allow a buildup area of 30% of the size of the island. The construction Period can be given for 2-3 (depending on the concept and standard) years after signing the contract. No government lease during the construction period. Payback in 3-4 years. Hassle-free from government approvals and paper work.

Location: Baa. Atoll (send a message to see the pictures and Google earth location)
Condition: Virgin Island 9.6 hectors
Selling Ownership (lease hold) for 50yrs (renewal option for 99 years)
Selling Price : US$7.5m (Shovel free)

Project: Resort Development
Initial Capital: US$25 m – US$30 m
Concept: Modern Western
Class: Luxury class water villas and beach villas
No. of rooms: 130
Standard: 5 star
ROI in 3 – 4 years

For proposal with pictures and more details of costing and feasibility studies please leave a message.

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