Integrity is vital

by Brian Morgan

It seems I've spent half a lifetime writing about integrity or fighting for it. I believe integrity should be built into any business from the planning stage and, thereafter, it should become part of the culture of the business from the top down.
When it is, integrity will be apparent to suppliers, banks, customers - all stakeholders.
Corruption and shoddy dealing cannot get a toehold if leadership makes clear the standards required by all employees and by those wishing to deal with the business.
The very fact that you have raised the matter in this article tells me a great deal about your business.
The business world, and the world in general, would be a better place, would it not, if more people adopted an ethos of integrity at work and in life.
At the end of the day, we'd all like to sleep better, and, at the end of a working life, we'd all like few regrets.
You are to be congratulated for raising this as a vital business plan ingredient.

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Honesty & Integrity a must!
by: Ajay Kudale

Well let me first congratulate & thank you both Marc & Brian for making a good & sensible point.
Yes I completely believe that honesty & loyalty are only a must as they help you build trustworthy relationships in business though they may not always fetch you rewards & justice.
I have had good experience though,there were more bitter ones also.There are those brains & minds that make it worst by being too greedy & selfish to extract the best only for them,take undue disadvantage & discourage you for your really respectable qualities.But then that is not the end of it as ultimately it is Divine justice which will take care of your needs & appreciation of your contribution!

Investors like to see integrity.
by: Marc

Businesses without integrity don't last long. Word-of-mouth is still a huge factor, even more so I would say. The internet makes news go around at the speed of light nowadays.
So hopefully we get integrity right from the start and at the inception of a new business, with the business plan.

Investors like to see integrity.

Thanks Brian.

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