InPutter: An engineered golf putter

by Micael Couceiro
(Coimbra, Portugal)

Whether you are a golf expert, or just starting out, InPutter gives you the knowledge you need to improve your putting by acquiring all relevant data during the gesture.

InPutter is able to compute the most relevant process variables inherent to the putting gesture, thus providing, in real-time and over the internet, raw and preprocessed data by benefiting from state-of-the-art methods. If you are looking for some reading about these methods, we've prepared a small selection of scientific articles from our team that you may check out here.

InPutter represents a revolution in putting analysis technology that is unmatched by other technologies.

“InPutter came to revolutionize the putting learning, training and understanding. It is an essential ground-breaking tool for all golfers.” - Prof. Gonçalo Dias, Ph.d. in Sports Sciences.

Prof. Gonçalo Dias is currently a professor of motor control and a member of the scientific committee at the Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education from University of Coimbra, Portugal. Over the past 5 years, he has been conducting scientific research on several areas associated to sports and health, namely physical activity among older adults, motor control, sport sciences, and others. Additionally, he is what we can truly call a "golf scientist" - although he is not that of a terrific player laughs, he has more than 15 scientific articles only around the golf putting in top journals, conferences and book chapters. In spite of this, and given the co-authorship of Ingeniarius' CEO in many of these works, Prof. Gonçalo Dias is the main evaluator of InPutter within both research and professional contexts.

“I strongly recommend InPutter to all golfers who wish to optimize their putting. It can be easily transported to any place, barely requires any configuration and provides reliable information about the putting performance. In the green, InPutter can be the best "friend" a golfer may have.” - Hugo Espírito Santo, European Pitch & Putt Champion.

While Gonçalo is all about science, Hugo Espírito Santo is all about playing golf. He has been the #1 golfer in the International Pitch & Putt Association (IPPA) ranking. He has been five-time Iberian Champion around the pitch & putt and one of the expert golfers most widely known worldwide. Hugo Espírito Santo's expertise, as a golfer, has been vital to maintain InPutter ecologically valid, without compromising the putting performance.

“Now that technology is hand in hand with sports, I see InPutter as the key to achieve optimum performance on the green. The feedback provided is very accurate and InPutter's interface is intuitive, thus allowing the golfer to easily improve his putt.” - Nuno Barreto, Director of Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Academy (Coimbra, Portugal).

Besides being Director of Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Academy, Nuno Barreto plays and teaches golf for almost two decades now. As such, he knows exactly what are the variables one should look at, and the ones InPutter should be able to provide. The graphical user interface has received Nuno Barreto's input more often than we can count, so as to keep the desired user-centered design we've been aiming at.

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