Information Security made scalable and Feasible for Start ups and SME's

by Nishant Vispute
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Securesight Technologies pvt ltd is a India based Risk management firm which currently offers a wide range of Security services, which are feasible, affordable and scalable for start ups and SME's who are budget conscious.

We are looking for Seed Investment for a completely new concept in market for providing Information security for start ups and SME's. we have a working diagram for the service implementation.

Currently we offer "Start up Security Package" one of a flagship package service for Start ups which takes care of end to end security implementation, and is targeted toward business using E-commerce platforms, there are more such packages, free services and a lot more exciting services which we plan to bring to the market, however we are only limited by funds.

ROI for the investor will be more than 5 percent, and may go well above it as we are in the last steps of finalizing a "idea level patent" for a security device, which we expect to be ready by January month end.

The core team of professionals associated with the company bring a diversified experience from various sectors and over all a minimum experience of 6 year in the field of security.

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