Industry changing, internet based, participative audio/ visual entertainment venture

by Tim Murray
(Houston, Texas)

Since the silent film era, film companies have promoted and sold their films based on name actors. Distribution for the film is a must and, of course, a good script is a big help. This is how motion pictures have been made for over one hundred years. But, traditional film making is failing,33009,2103761,00.html

New Horizons Entertainment is the first fully participative film making venture. Members come to our free website and select the script, director, and cast for each film, short, and webisode we produce. Members are encouraged to submit their own scripts, auditions, and music for consideration in our productions.

Our revenue model is simple. Members who make key artistic decisions for our films purchase a download, dvd, or streaming of the completed film, short, or webisode. Our primary market is our members. We do not rely on distribution except for tertiary revenue.

Our films may never be shown on a theater screen. Our targeted market is download, dvd, and streaming sales for home and individual entertainment. This market is booming while annual theater ticket sales are in a six year decline.

Traditional film investors we have met seem incapable of understanding a new production model geared to wikinomics principles that have revolutionized other industries including recorded music.

Internet investors expect a small, prospering website they can grow with added funding and expertise. We cannot simulate participative film making without actually making a film. And one film will not do. To gain and keep member interest we need a series, monthly new films. At industry standard $3 million per film for a quality film without name actors, and $5.2 million for 'shock and awe' marketing to gain and retain a dominant market share, we need $25 million to properly fund this venture. A lot more than most investors will consider for a startup.

We can cover downside loss. If we fail for any reason, our completed participative films will sell well in dvd and download, enough to recoup investment. At $57 million funding, we will include life settlement policies and cost reserves to make the venture entirely riskless. Investment, $57 million, plus 6% annual interest on unpaid principal balance, $13.7 million, is repaid in seven years regardless how the venture performs.

We are internet based and can locate anywhere. If we pick, Austin, Texas for proximity to the University of Texas Film School. We project an international company with operating companies in all the major language groups - Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, and India.

We have numerous funding offers that can be implemented for $25,000 to 5500,000. Please contact me and we can discuss.

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