Independent Research Organisation quality research with high returns

by Oleuanna Twig
(United Kingdom)

economic and social research. veracious, steadfast and autonomous.

economic and social research. veracious, steadfast and autonomous.

We want to be an independent Research Organisation that offers high quality research which has an impact on business, the public sector, third sector and on global markets.

We shall accrue profit by bidding on high value Tenders through the Official Journal of the European Community as well as the private sector.
Investment Description:
We are forming a Multimedia Production Company to be based initially in the UK then expand into Europe and Africa. The funding is to be used solely on the ‘existence before essence’ research team which lies within the Economic and Social Research field and we will be applying for instigation of the Investigator, Responsive Mode, as well as instigation from various businesses and funding organisations through calls for Proposals, Tenders or Managed Mode and creates the foundation for the entire business from which profits are fed back into the business to start developing other aspects of the organisation. The funds will be used to protect a full time employee experienced in securing Tenders and help develop the rest of the Management and Research Team.

We shall have highly qualified and diverse researchers, skills ranging from Marine Biologist to Agricultural Economist, the research team will be addressing European, National, Regional and Local objectives such as; Addressing inequalities, Infrastructure support, Advice and guidance services, Promoting education and learning, Training and skills building, Promoting human rights, Protecting the environment and animals, Supporting international aid and overseas development, Tackling crime and victimisation, and various socio-economic and environmental issues. We shall also be using applied and adventurous (innovative and challenging convention) research to develop a trade patent that we hope will create an accessible trade model for rural farmers within the Sahel.

We are constantly putting our own limited funds into the development of the company but would like an investment/loan of £50,000 min to £100,000 to drive our ‘existence before essence’ Economic and Social Research Team forward. Our company, looking at a five year projection, will have a minimum market value that ranges from £900,000 to £5M in year five; this figure can be greatly increased depending on the value of the tender and also the volume of work we are able to take on board. The ROI over the term of three to five years will be 20% approximately but this is always negotiable. Taxpayers who invest up to £150,000 in a qualifying new start-up business will be eligible for income tax relief and we qualify under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). (UK)

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