Independent Artists Lead The Charge

UNIR1 NETWORK Radio and HD TV is looking for sponsorship and advertising agencies to join us.

Sponsorships would include Concert events and contests running on facebook, linkedin and other sites. There are over 60 million independent artists looking to be seen and heard. If you look at their fan base and how these contests can benefit any corporation, facebook contests alone with company sponsorship gets a reach of millions when independent artists asks their fans to vote. Most independent artists have a fan base of 300 to millions of fans.

Concert event contests and or distribution in major outlets contests can have a reach of millions.

We welcome Large and Small corporation networking as well as networking with advertising agencies, independent artists, record labels, our reach using independent artists as a catalyst, all while helping the artists get employed, heard, promoted.

UNIR1 Network's main goal is to employ many, while getting the artists, seen, and heard. Help us grow while we help you grow.

You may contact UNIR1 NETWORK AT 518-795-9500 or skype unir1radio

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