In The Eyes Of The Youth By Brendan Clark

by Brendan Clark
(Chicago,IL, USA)

Hi,My name is Brendan Clark and I'm 18 and I live on the west side in Chicago,IL. i have been writing short stories, poetry etc..since the 8 Th grade. Even when i was in the 8 grade i did not know if i like writing at all. But ever since that day in my 8th grade English i started writing poetry like pro.I have been writing and together a poetry book of mine. a few week ago i have submit my book manuscript for review. just last week a publishing company in new York agree to publish my book.

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What I Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

I need at least $6,000 dollars so i can pay the publishing company for marketing and the book publishing process.

$3,000 is for book publishing cost

$ 1,000 is for a launch party for my book

$2,000 is for marketing and research

what will you get in return, you will get a personal thank you from me and maybe a copy of my book.

Other Ways You Can Help

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