Imagine Thailand Alternative Studies and Retreat Center

I am Norman Brown and I invite you to co-create Imagine Thailand Alternative Studies and Retreat Center. Inspired by John Lennon’s song "Imagine" I am channeling his passion for creating a world of peace and love through a place of teaching and healing. Imagine reconnecting with yourself, rediscovering inner peace and living life with joy again. Then imagine teaching and healing thousands of others just like YOU on how to remember their magic. Let’s come together now.

The Vision
I am so pleased to extend to you for your consideration an invitation to unite with Imagine Thailand Alternative Studies and Retreat Center.

Imagine Thailand is the evolution of Monte Vista a beautiful retreat center that was located on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Monte Vista was a 12 year success proving my vision to serve humanity by helping over 6,000 people make positive life changes. I am now manifesting that vision with conviction of creating alternative studies and retreat centers worldwide to broaden the impact of love and healing. Imagine Thailand is the first of many to come on my journey to help heal the world.

After Monte Vista I realized I could positively affect so many more by creating the Imagine Thailand Alternative Studies center where teachers of progressive disciplines from all over the world could come together and teach their much needed skills and healing knowledge. Their students would then go and teach and heal others thus creating a ripple effect of beautiful energy and creation that continues to grow and influence others the further it emanates from the source.

Your contribution will help Imagine Thailand bring balance and peace to the world. My heartfelt intention is to begin breaking ground on the island of Koh Samui Thailand in January 2017. As a founding contributor you will bring Imagine Thailand and all the future Centers to become a reality.

My fullest intention is to have founding contributors like you help us raise $250,000. The effect of positivity, healing and light Imagine Thailand will have on individuals, communities and the world is profound and intangible as the rippling swell of its effect flows throughout the world.

The tangible benefits include the perks associated with the level of your contribution but more importantly the healing of many, the bringing of joy back into lives, and the remembering of our magic.

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