by Singleton M. Tate
(Chicago, IL)

"I'M A STAR" BOOK/BULLY CD PROJECT Link: http://www.gofundme.com/zkv6p6p8

"I'M A STAR!"...

A magical journey to "DESTINY"!
by Singleton M. Tate

Singleton M. Tate, The Poet

Simple stories to help young children learn the essential basics... Building character. Helping your child learn and gain understanding and knowledge the fun way. My vision and mandate for this book is clear, "Set free the gifts within each soul, who will reach for their "Star" and light up the world with their incomparable presence. This book and CD will inspire everyone.

The book "I'M A STAR!" was inspired by my youngest daughter, Terieynique' L. Tate. The work speaks for itself, while enlightening each listener and/or reader to embrace their capabilities, as it equips them to tap into that greatness, that was instilled within their spirit from

It is an educationally, inspiring book that motives and empowers the listeners to dream and attain their goals in life. It teaches individuality, self-awareness, confidence, perseverance, stability and excellence.

Terieynique' was bullied throughout her elementary school years. She was labeled a "Special Needs" child... who rose above all odds to become the shining"Star" of her 2012 year graduating class. She sang the graduating class song center stage; while all of her bullies watched in awe. She is the real life story... "I'M A STAR". The CD will incorporate her triumph.

Help us by empowering other "Stars" to shine forth in success, by fulfilling their purpose and sharing their talents with the world. We would like to make each and everyone of you a part of our success, by placing your name in our book, as the "Power Contributors" who's positive force, ignited "Destiny" making and forever changing lives worldwide.

The funding will be used for developing the book and CD components to completion... hopefully some advertising. We would like to thank each and everyone of you, who are inspired to give and be a part of cultivating someone's life to excel in their potential. May God bless you all.


Singleton M. Tate


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Sep 09, 2015
by: Valerie

It is important to teach children the values of life from an early age. They will become much better people and they will only have something to win.

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