If you have never sought funding before how do you know??, scammers take this as an advantage

by Linda Feeley
(England uk)

I have a file that is just for offers of investment, scammers. Because there are more scammers than real investors, how to tell. I had one contact claiming to be someone on linkedin, they gave passport and drivers licence details, also a link to their details.

They put a trojan on my computer so they could see what I was doing on my computer. Later when I went to see the link again, mysteriously it was gone.
So this is quite a major operation. They did give me web sites, So to a novice it looked impressive. Even contacting a solicitor to act for him to write contracts and signing of a joint agreement. Not requesting my account details. only swift and bic number as you would expect.

Then it was asking for money, now if you were asking for investors ,,, why would you be asking me to come up with 2,600 $ ??? if he was such a rich man, where was his money???? I noticed he kept stroking his ego with how busy he was and the emails went on and on and on,,,, reams of it., and also his solicitors website wasn't as good as it could be,,, the cells were not fitting the wordings. This is the last email from Wen, or whatever he likes to call himself.

Wen Qingshan
To me Today at 1:52 AM
Dear Linda,

Thanks for your email although I could not give immediate response due to my busy time here, as I told you earlier I have no such time to involve myself or my personal adviser into any illegal or unrealistic business activities, I have no idea of the content of your email which I think is very ridiculous but considering my busy working schedules here in respect of our company ongoing projects here, it will be impossible for me to waste time here at this period for things am ignorant of. It is really a pity that you have misinterpreted and misunderstood my genuine business interest with you in your country over a little sum of money but I have no right to force you go against your personal decision if you think that a man of my age and reputation will stood that low to involve myself into illegal or criminal business activities so please without further waste of time or more embarrassment, please kindly sign the document I forwarded on my last email to you so that our JVA can legally and peacefully be terminated as I mean no harm neither do I want to argue with my partners because no business establishment grows without mutual understanding, respect and truth. Thanks for your understand and in maintaining the confidentially of my corporate portfolio which is the most important aspect for me.

Look forward to hear from you.

Wen Qingshan
Reply, Reply

his solicitor used was another giveaway soloman ghana name??
Honorable Sen. Chambers
Wen Qingshan

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Apr 26, 2015
The dead giveaway
by: B.Ryan

The endless sentence, one that dumps all the ideas into one strange guilt-trip.
That's the dead giveaway.

Scam artists use this technique.

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