I Need joint venture partner and fund for steel plant project

by Seid Mohammed
(Addis Ababa Ethiopia Arada Subcity office no 404-499 sumaletera market center 4th floor)

I am Seid Mohammed from Addis Ababa Ethiopia and I do have 1.5 hectares of leased land on which a big store of 1400 sqm width /70m x 20m x8m / for my steel factory /REBA production by recycling scraps I also started office construction G+2. The land was leased for 40 years of which 8 years have lapsed. Currently I have invested more than USD 1.5 million. I need a joint venture partner and fund about USD 150 million to complete the project within the next 3 years. Professionally I am an accountant and tax advisor for the past 29 years and I am the CEO OF MY Accounting and consulting firm- MACS PLC
I do have also involved in a small scale real estate businesses and am working in my own accounting firm with my 35 employees . My co MACS Plc has more than 700 constant customers and I decided to expand my business and I started this steel factory project and the construction is going on.

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