by sophia costa leonard
(daresalam, city, tanzania, east africa.)

this is mining place

this is mining place

I am tanzanian lady, dealiing with local mining project here in my village.
imy place i have htree poles , one is gives out gold and roadright, second pole gives out green garnet, and the thrid pole gives out white guarts. in this project i need some intruments,
stone hummer- 500,000 tanzanian shiling as usd 3,333
generators- 600, 000 tanzanian shiling as usd 400
water pump- 1000,000 tanzanian shiling as usd 666
face wear mine torch -300, 000 tanzanian shiling as usd 200
aircompressor - 30,000, 000 tanzanian shiling as usd 2000.
all total for materials is tanzanian shiling 12,900,000 as = usd 6599.
any one who is intresting to helping me on this project, ucan contact me in my email adress
its me the onwer of this poles.

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