I am seeking no debt 100% private equity lender business partner, hard assets, high cash flow


SEEKING 100 MILLION EURO'S NO DEBT SERVICE 100% EQUITY FUNDING , HIGH CASH FLOW, HARD ASSETS, ANNUAL APPRECIATION,100% SECURED,funds to be released over three year period,will be used to launch a third activity under new registration.

I will launch owned, fully managed FRENCH RIVIERA LUXURY SELF CATERING HOLIDAY RENTALS business, very high cash flow.
I will source nearly all investment properties at BMV, as a cash buyer I will build a portfolio of high end luxury villa's and apartments with immediate equity providing also annual annual 2 to 8% property value appreciation, as a guide line I will source at offering 15/30% under market value and will negociate very little,I expect buying at below market value to have an equity position of OVER 150K euro's in 6/15 months.

I HAVE THE EXPERTISE AND CONTACTS to open this business that I have had on hold for several years, conditions are now perfect to launch, Visit : www.TripAdvisor.com you will see luxury Riviera villa's renting for up to 18000 EURO'S per week.
I will purchase all properties for total management control and max profit, planning is for 90 villa's, 20 seaside apartments, more as funding permits, I will source all at BMV (below market value) for immediate equity.

NOTE: I will register lean to investor for each property.

I am open to suggestions,offers.

About me, partial list of my experience and start-ups:
Currently, owner/manager of a national french estate agency,3000 French properties on line
Action Auto: exclusive Toyota Dealer, S.H.A.P.E HQ, :Mons Belguim
Agent Chrysler Military Sales :Japan
Area Manager General Motors Military Diplomatic Sales: Germany
IWD Invicta Watch Distributor: Orlando Fl
Starcraft Europe Ltd Exclusive European Distributor Starcraft Automotive
FOX Auto Owned/operated 1962 to 19 68, auto/insurance sales US Military France.

France is the WORLDS MOST VISITED COUNTRY,83 Million 2012.


1. Project: Launch New Business
French Riviera Holiday Self Catering Rentals. Villas and seaside apartments.
2. Location:
French Riviera. The project is to acquire 30 Villas and 5 Apartments each year for three years.
3. Concept:
Purchase for full management control of income.
Note: France is the most visited country in the world, more visitors are electing to rent self-catering accomadation over hotel stay. I have researched this growing trend, I expect to have 35/40 weeks solid booking for all properties.
4. Projections:
Net annual income, after booking fees, taxes and maintenance fees,
5. Alliances/Partnerships:
Will limit to one (1) Lender Equity Partner.
6: Exit Strategy:
To be negotiated.

email: jfox.gpimmo@gmail


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