Hydroponics Agriculture project

by Kats YKM

Seeking amount (debt or equity) : Min $2,000,000 (for 1 plant / 3,300 sqm) - Max $25,000,000 (for 10 plant) / Interest rate 2 - 5% / Repayment 5 - 8 years / If equity, 100% need. Investor can be owner. Only one condition is that need silent owner /

Outline of Project

The Hybrid hydroponics equipment which uses the technology of advanced nations (Japan) is built, and it contributes to improvement in the potential agriculture power of Philippines, regional vitalization, or employment development. Since an enterprise is possible for it even if hydroponics is not an agriculture area, it can construct also in an agriculture area and urban area. By the ability to touch agriculture also in urban areas, it leads to buying the regional gap of an agriculture area and a business district. It enables people who live in urban areas to choose agriculture about work. The improvement in an income of establishment of continuous agricultural technology with a high rate of output and a farmhouse is the purpose.

Background of Project

In the Philippines, Although it is globally famous as a place of production of Fruits (Banana, Mango, Pain-apple, etc), There is very little production of vegetables. The reason is related to climate and soil. Since the Philippines is subtropical climate, it is not suitable for cultivation of soil crops. And, the Philippines has much soil of a volcanic ash fall deposit, and there is no nutrition in soil. Then, the crops which can be grown are restricted.
In recent years, the projects of Hydroponics has increased, but vegetables is in the situation for which it still depends on import almost. Therefore, People can eat green-leaf vegetables only in a hotel or a classy restaurant. However, most people is poor in Philippines. They cannot go to classy restaurant, hotel restaurant. We aim at always supplying vegetables fresh to an average citizen, and safe through a Hydroponics project. And, We contributes to Job creation, poverty reduction, technology tie-up, economic growth to Developing county (Philippines).

What is Hydroponics ?

Hydroponics (restricted orifice cultivation, hydroponics) and, It say that those that do not require a solid medium of hydroponics. It is called hydroponic (method), and also such as hydroponics. Cultivation of root vegetables that are used for the cultivation of many in agriculture, has been said to be impossible in the past is also a possibility. It is often used for cultivation without fence almost in the field of horticulture.

It is the method of growing with equipment which dips a vegetable root in water without using the ground. Nutritive substance required for a plant is melted and given to water.

Bacillus and various germs which become noxious insect and stick basis, it is easy to protect.
Since it can do in a building, temperature and humidity are free. It can set up.
There is no dirt and clean.
There is little amount of the agricultural chemicals used, or it does not use it.
Cultivation is possible anywhere, since the ground is not used.
On the other hand, an equipment and institution, and the expense of cultivation management are high. However, the agricultural products of high quality can be offered to consumers by a stabilized price.

Feature of Hybrid hydroponics plant

The hybrid system which united the sunlight which produces abundant nutrients, and the technology of realizing ideal environment.

Clean room with few various germs which basks in sunlight abundantly.
Stable manufacturing technique which is not influenced by the weather.
Flexibility of cultivation items is high. And number of change to plant is free.
Production with no agrochemicals and low bacteria is possible.
It is scientifically manageable by use of a computer.

Effect expected by deployment of a plant factory

Employment of the local area, and reservation of income

Annual employment including the usual agricultural off-season
Job boost which is not concerned with the worker of a plant factory but accompanies it
It is activation of regional economy by the stable employment and income
Agricultural output of market-in

“ What selling is made “ from “ Selling what was made “
Correspondence is strengthened to processing or business-use demand

Agriculture based on a science for which it depends on neither experience nor intuition

Monitoring of growth and environment
Planned and stable production based on growth forecast
Inheritance of technology of practical farmer

Agricultural production that utilizes a new location

Also location of commercial land use, such as industrial parks based on the effective use of agricultural land
Provide opportunities to touch the "agriculture" familiar

Creation of new industries that utilize the plant factory

The new demand creation through the development of genetically modified crops to functional foods

For more info and ask anything : http://rep-bc-bri.jimdo.com

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