Hydroplant Project Needs Investment Partner

by ogi

We are looking for partner on implementing Hydroelectric plant which has hydro-power potential of around 5880 GWh of which 2150 GWh is economically feasible. In order to kick off this Hydroelectric Power Plant we really need investment partner.

Construction Cost (million)

Initial Cost (Project Cost) 286.1 mioUS$ (excluding tax)
Replacement Cost of Electrical Equipments 24.8US$ (excluding tax)

Operating Cost
Operation & Maintenance Cost (O&M Cost) 1.0% of Project Cost (excluding tax)
Depreciation Method Remain Ration 10%, Fixed-installment
Depreciation Term 50 years (Civil Structures and Others)
30 years (Electrical Equipments)
Tax Corporate Tax 25.0% of Recurring Profit
Resources Tax 0.5% of Recurring Profit
Maximum Output 64MW
Annual Power Generation Capacity 333GWh
Full Cost 268,000,000 USD
Unit Construction Cost 1.16 USD/kWh

Power Generation Type Dam and conduit type
Dam Type Fill dam
Dam Height 90m
Length of Top of Dam 300m
Annual Average River Flow 65.3m3/s

if you need further information please contact through Skype: ob.partner

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