Hydro power Project in INDIA 186 MW,Project cost $330Millon USD,need funding.

by sreeramulu pesala

Respected sir,
Find the following project information,I need only perfect funding/investment for this project,scam or fraud persons don't contact and don't waste your time.Plese contact to provide LOAN or any funding for this project, funding expected:

US $ 264 Million (Debt funding)
contact me : sreeramulu pesala, INDIA,Tel:+919550512078,Mail:b.k.sreeramulu@gmail.com

Check List from Project Owners

(All the data should be in USD and take USD $ rate as 60 INR)

A joint venture project with Govt of Nagaland (GON) with a share of 76:24 by MESPL and GON respectively.

Location: On river Dikhu Near Tamlu, Nagaland State, India

Capacity (MW): 186 MW (3 X 62 MW)

Type of energy: Hydel Energy (Renewable)

Land Area: 2400 Hectares

Land: Owned / Leased:

Leased .To be handed over by Government of Nagaland on Lease rights basis

PPA with whom:

Department of Power, Government of Nagaland, India

PPA rate:

US $ 0.10 per Kwh

PPA policy:

Long Term agreement for entire life of the plant (35 Years), Subject to revision of the Terms & Conditions of PPA in line with Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Government of India Regulations as modified time to time.

Pre PPA validity:

Government of Nagaland will procure infirm power prior to the validity of PPA at the applicable rates as per ERC regulations

Feed in tariff:

Energy Charges + Capacity Charges

Evacuation Infrastructure:

To be provided by Government of Nagaland. Already one 220 KV Transmission line circuit covering 65% has been erected by Government of Nagaland for the purpose of Power Evacuation from Dikhu Hydro Electric Project.

Timeline for statutory approvals: specify details :

All the necessary Statutory approvals / clearances have been obtained from both Government of Nagaland and Government of India. The most critical clearance i.e, Techno Economic Clearance has been accorded by Central Electricity Authority, Government of India on 31.03.2014

Timeline for implementation of the project:

The project is is scheduled to be commissioned by Dec 2019 and commercial production by Jan 2020

Project current status:

All the statutory clearances are obtained.
Land acquisition is under progress by Govt. of Nagaland
Pre construction works are being taken up

Status on EPC:

Being finalized

What is the Project Cost:

US $ 330 Million, As per CEA approval.

What is the contribution from project owner:

US $ 50.16Million(MESPL)

Any contribution from other parties:

US $ 15.84 Million.(Government of Nagaland)

What is the funding expected:

US $ 264 Million (Debt funding)

Estimated revenue generation per year: Specify tariff + REC if applicable

US $ 56.04 Million.

Estimated revenue generation per year: with degradation of PV modules

Not Applicable

Clarification on Equity Finance & Debt Finance:

Equity and debt shall be financed in the ratio of 20:80 if the funding is from ECB.

Amount of Equity or Debt or both required:

Equity required =US $ 33Million with a agreed Premium. Equity can be tied up by Promoters, but if Funder wants they can join in Equity with a premium ot with an agreed ROE. Debt required =US $ 264 Million

Tenure expected for debt: 13 years for repayment with a moratorium of 5 years

Equity if any exit plan proposed;

The Promoters can buy back with an agreed ROE. Any other modes can be mutually agreed.

Average net cash flow per year: US $ 33.37 Million as per Project Report Dikhu Fin module –Excel sheet Sales under head Net Cash Accruals over period of Loan repayment of 13 years Average

Approximate IRR : 12 %

Detailed Profile of the Company:


Detailed Profile of the Group of Companies: The promoter belongs to 2 big south Indian Business Houses has started Manu Energy and executing the Project. Attached.

They have only Individual business & IT Returns are being

Last 3 years turn over for the group:
2012 -13

Last 3 year Profit before tax:

Credit rating of the Company: NA

Name of the Stock Exchange, if it is public listed It is a Private Limited Company

Background of the Promoters:


Name of the Bankers.

Axis Bank Ltd.,

Promoters past experience, if any in the area of energy sector:


List out 5 strengths of this project:

1. The Project was vetted by 2 premier organizations CWC & NEEPCO
2. The promoter belongs to 2 big south Indian Business Houses and executed similar Projects.
3. GON is one of the Promoter and extending all the basic infrastructure facilities like Roads ,and power evacuation Transmission Lines.
4. The construction materials 90-95% are available in the project vicinity.
5. As Joint venture Project with Govt, have good feel factor

6. Consultants ( Indo Canadian Consultancy Services Ltd) are World Class reputants
7. Project yields a very good secondary Energy because of its natural Hydrology

What is the area demand for electricity?
The state of Nagaland is experiencing a peak & non peak power shortage of 11.7% and 13.6 % respectively.85% of the power requirements are being met from neighbouring states and central Public Sector Undertakings PSUS. Only 15 % of energy is meeting from internal generation. Similarly in the North- Eastern region,.
As per 17th electric power survey published by Central Electricity Authority (CEA), GOI the state of Nagaland estimated to reach peak demand 222.34MW by 2016-17 and 318.82 MW by 2021-22 and the energy required would beabout1040MU and1505MU respectively where as present generation is about500MU and peak demand is102MW.North-Eastern region estimated to reach 3759.8MW by 2016-17 and 6180 by 2021-22 and the energy required would be about 21143MU and 36997MU respectively where as present generation is about 9060MU and peak demand met is1560MW so far.
At present the per capita electricity consumption of Nagaland state is only 218 Kwh which is much lower than that of all India of 917.18 Kwh.

Attachment required:
1. Detailed Project Report (DPR): which covers investment break up, timelines, cash flow statement, PPA rate contracts, borrowers contribution, ROI,
2. Copies of Balance Sheets for the last three years

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Project Funding
by: Murty

Dear Sir,
Is the offer still open? We have a party ,showing interest to become an Equity Partner

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