by Stella
(Santorini, Greece)

Introducing ourselves

Hello everyone! We are Stella and Dimitra, two young Greek women, who have a vision! As a start, we will tell you a few things for us, so as to get know each other! Me, Stella, am a single mother and am trying to do my best for my daughter, by working hard. My best friend and partner Dimitra, is a mother of three young boys! Yes, that's right!She is also a very hard worker and she manages to deal with everything at home and at work.
Our vision

We work closely with a network of young artists designers, and together we create a wide range of fashionable jewelry and multipurpose decorative items. We are a great team, and we channel our inspiration towards the creation of amazing things. All our products are made with love and care, not in big quantities, thats why they are unique. Our goal is to develop our "small factory" and grow our business in Greece and abroad. Our purpose is to be established in Santorini, which is an attraction for visitors from all over the world, to set our base as a production line and showroom/shop, so as to expand and get known.
We actually need more money than our goal sum, but our goal will be enough to start. We rely on our skills, creativity, effectiveness, inspiration, dreams, devotion, really hard work and trust to reach our goal. We love our country, most of us could have gone abroad to find a job, but we believe in Greece, even in these hard times, we are passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and to make our dreams come true!!! Because we are BELIEVERS!!!

To all of you, who cannot offer your support to us, we would appreciate if you could share our campaign.

Take a look to our perks to see our prizes!!!

We would like to thank you for your time.

Stella and Dimitra!

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