Attention. Sir/Madam.

Firstly let me appreciate your kindness to access your office.

I a m Freedom Magwaza, of Zimbabwean Nationality. I a m the Director
Finance and Administration, For PanHigh Invesments.

We mainly focus on real eastates and transportation,

we are operating in the following countries,, UK, Brazil,India,
Philippines, Namibia,, then South Africa and Kenya,.

Ini UK, we focus on hotels only,,we purchase already running hotels
and manage them on our own. The budget for the hotel in UK, its 4.8
million pounds which is almost 6.8 million united states dollars. Then
in Brazil we do tourism business,, the budget for the Brazil project
is $500 000; five hundred thousand dollars,

Then In India again we do hotels business and and the budget for that
is 2.5 million,, in philippines,, we have a fuel economizer business
which is unique and currently we have,, clients from
Gabon,Kenya,Mexico,Ivory coast and Philippines at large. The budget
for philippines project is 5 million,, in Namibia the budget is 3.2
million united states dollars.

We have two legal corporate accounts in South Africa and in Kenya. Our
business was founded in 2007 in Zimbabwe now we are expanding our
operations,,through diversification,,now the uk, hotel generate annual
turnover of 1:2 million euro, ,,philipines business has net profit of
1 million and 60 thousand dollars,, again the namibian business has
anual turnover of 3 million,, india project, has also annual sales of
$800 000; then for brazil the annual sales are $140000:

Now we are seeking for loan and we are confident that,, all your money
will be paid back,,mostly we are need loan on contractual basis. And
we will pay montly installments, for five to ten years,, the time
period will be agreed by both parties. If you can advance us please
let me know and i will send the necessary documents.

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