Hotel in Switzerland

Dear Sirs!
Are you able to finance commercial real estate in Switzerland? This is 4 star hotel , in Switzerland, was constructed in 2015 . There is the permanent tenant with the contract of 20 years Further provides for extension of the contract. This provides a steady income.
Purchase price of the building - CHF 49700000 . The additional costs : a notary fees, duties and other : about 497000 CHF. The total amount of funds: 50197 000 CHF
1.Summary: The total amount of funds: 50197000 CHF . Already exists the mortgages from Swiss bank 28000 036 CHF . I need to raise the additional financing : 22196 964 CHF. This amount is required for the purchase of this hotel.
Return on investment within 12years
Avarage net ROE: -8.01 %
This transaction will take place through the sale of 100% shares of the company. Methods of the financing: loan, participation in the capital

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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Valid request for more information.
by: Marc

Hi, I am the owner and manager of this website. I have had some responses to your request for investors. Please get in touch with me:

also copy in


More information
by: Anonymous

Please provide more information, send to


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