Hospitality and events

by Andrew Boff
( Bolton Lancashire)

Hospitality in Weedings Restaurants in one of Englands grandist homes Along with entertainment and film and tv potential. The property that i require Comes with two churches a pub and numorus other out buildings along with the great house and 80 acre's of land potential for a 18 hole or 9 hole golf course and tennis courts as well as live events. Hosting Weddings due to the size position and the grounds and house will start from 40,000-80,000+ Depending on clients budget. With there being to Churches in the grounds and a pub we can do 2 weedings a day plus a rejistery weeding within the house. Leisure membership for 18 hole golf course would be 2,000 anualy Sauna and spa and gym is 11,00 a year Bringing a potential of 2-3 Million a yer+ As business grows this will increase dramatical you will see a return in 3-4 yrs The amount required is a 9000,000 investment For this I and my team will run all the progect and business and as a thank you gesture i will offer 25% of My other company untill you see a return on your investment.
Many Thanks
Andrew Boff

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