Hoping to help many families in fear of the unknown.

by Don Enrique


Seasoned risk evaluation professional seeking funds to move forward the purchase a small Southwestern USA town which would offer both a safe haven and employment to our Hispanic brothers and sisters.
1. The primary goal is to raise $10,000,00 dollars for down payment, due diligence and cash reserves.
2. Build a seasoned group of humanitarian, business and home builders and small business entrepreneurs.
Seeking visionary active or silent investors for long-term holding. Additional information available once interested party agrees to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide Proof of Funds documentation.
Have located an underdeveloped project consisting of 8 well-seasoned business, oldest dating back to the 1960’s, 40 parcels of land and over 400+ buildable acres in a Southwest USA from an 80 years widower wishing to retire.
Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.
Don Enrique

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