High End Mobile Computing for Enterprise and Prosumers

by Bruno Koegler
(Taiwan, Relocation Pending)

Dear potential partners and investors.

We run a highly scalable project around high end and better solutions in a trendy market, the mobile enterprise and prosumers computing.

We solve the pain to finally combine mobility, high performance, high storage and high visual ergonomics into one mobile Tablet PC which is also well performing on a desk.

We could create about 100 jobs and 120 M USD revenues at healthy net margins +20% only in short terms.

Product overview and features: http://www.koegler.tw/module-tab.html
Project overview for pre-evaluation: http://www.koegler.tw/module-Inv.html

The needed financing of USD 5 M mostly for working capital as RandD already done could help us to take off, and this with a break even well under one year. Any contacts if not you, or in your network and/or area who could become seriously interested? We confirm of course that we are ready to relocate following funders wishes.

About economic development on a local or bigger level, we could not only bring the ability to employ 100+ peoples and bring the prestige of a high end brand AND a GDP improvement which could be in 3-5 years probably the highest contributor as we would export 99% of our fab output etc... . All what I ask is a help to network for grants/subsidies/loan guarantee and some venture capital to get it funded, again mainly only working capital, back in less then one year!

Many thanks in advance for your advices and of course, your eventual questions to deepen this venture further.

Bruno Koegler ( 886 2 2648 7001 landline Taipei )
Founder/Owner Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd.
Xizhe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Design, manufacturing and branding of e. g. high end Tablet and All in One LCD PC TV (15"~26")
http://computex.biz/koegler/ - http://goo.gl/gnTr3w

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Low Risks - Bridge Loan
by: Financial Advisor

Hi, I wish banks would be able to support the local economy! This is typically a project banks SHOULD finance, even asking an amazing interests of let's say 9% ! It would be amazing for them (3 times more / better as the 3% or less their money cost) and amazing for you as project owner, as it's much less as the greedy VC/PE who dream all time from a 30 to 100%/year :) Good luck, I am only a bank director, means nearly no decision power :)

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