Helping potential Clients hire their HR/Recruiting Workforce - Investment Needed.

by Ross Marian

My name is Ross Marian and I am from Bangalore - India , My partner and I have set up a ‘Manpower Search Firm’ here at Bangalore - India.

Unlike most of the placement/manpower search firms who offer services which are generic in nature, we specialize in giving a service which is the most difficult aspect of the entire HR/Recruiting gamut i.e 'Recruiting the Recruiter', in other words 'Helping potential Clients hire their HR/Recruiting Workforce'.

We are at the moment exploring options with Investors/Investment Companies. while we are doing this, we have started 'bootstrapping' a little bit as there is a lot of demand for the service we intend to give i.e helping potential clients recruit their recruiting workforce.

Over the last few weeks, our boot-strapping efforts have yielded us 3 Client contracts with a mandate to fill over 70 positions (All Levels), such is the demand for the service we offer.

We have invested close USD $15,000 so far and our need is pretty urgent (though it hasn't reached the point of desperation yet).

The Amount of money we are seeking at the moment is between $150,000 to USD $600,000.

We are open to both EQUITY as well as DEBT funding, the latter being the preference.

I must add that I don’t have any co-lateral security to offer.

Interested parties may write to me for a EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and BUSINESS PLAN.


Thank you for reading.

Ross Marian

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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