Help V3DMJ fully build their online mall to help many poor citizens of Jamaica

by Paul

Racquel Allen is from Jamaica and she plays an integral role at V3DMJ, which is a recently established Jamaican 3D online mall. It gets even more fabulous because each store has its unique and customized feature. For example, in Party Like a Rock Star, once customers enter there is customized background music and Racquel will be making future additions to ensure the experience is worthwhile, as the business continues to grow.

While their goal is to make profit from sales, Racquel and team also plans on launching a ministry that enables them to help fellow Jamaicans who are poor and in need. This will be an ongoing investment taken from the business- ideally on a monthly basis. Additionally, all of their products are currently imported for the time being, but they are looking forward to manufacturing their own products, which will again create jobs for Jamaicans and lift the local economy.

Racquel needs help in promoting and building this business that will be used to build a ministry to help Jamaicans in need. Furthermore, as a Jamaican business this will help to build up the country's economy.

Breakdown of the cost:

1. $800 will be donated to a person(s) in need immediately. This is just the starter, as the profits earned from the business will be invested in the ministry monthly- Intended deadline- March 18
2. $700 will be used to advertise the business on Facebook- Intended deadline- February 28
3. $2000 will be used to promote on television stations- Intended deadline- April 28
4. $2000 will be used to promote on radio networks- Intended deadline- April 28

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: February 17, 2014 - April 07, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

Indiegogo Page:

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