Hello, are there any true Angel Investors out there?

by Don Enrique

November 12, 2015
Dear Potential Investors

Am looking for an investor to open to a real estate investment firm, also will consider a business partner, am well experienced in business with 20 + years .

Me and my daughter are looking to launch a new startup real estate investing company, I’m asking for startup capital of $15,000.00 (USA $$$) for building, utilities and employee wages, formation cost, also unexpected expenses to start.

Our company will be called CorphelpInc and will be located in the State of Nevada.

We live in Alhambra, California but will be seeking investment properties out of state.

Can you help us get started or lead us to someone who can bring our ideas to life.

We both have real estate experience myself some 20+ years as a due diligence underwriter and her working in the secondary market teacher lending practices.

We have been working on our business ideas for over 4 years now and are now ready to work full time.

Thank You for your time. Sincerely. Don Enrique

VISION: Within the next three years, we intent to grow CorphelpInc into a $100,000 annual revenue real estate company that specializes in acquiring discounted properties of residential and multi-family real estate.

MISSION: We source discounted, distressed properties to buy and hold and flip some to real estate investors.

• First-year revenue $60,000.
• Achieve profit before tax of $40,000 for the year ending 12/31/16.
• Obtain relationships with three portfolio lenders with REO inventory.
• End the year with a buyers list of 500 real estate investors.

• Build our network and professional relationships within the investor community.
• Cultivate relationships with REO agents.
• Obtain access to nationwide MLS and database of cash buyers

• Attend local REIA meeting each month beginning 1/1/16.
• Launch buyer and seller websites by 2/15/16.
• Launch Facebook advertising campaign to build buyers list by 3/1/16.
• Obtain a nationwide list of REO agents and asset managers by 2/15/6.
• Contact a minimum of two potential investors per week beginning 1/1/16.
• Contact a minimum of two REO agents/asset managers per week beginning 2/15/16.
The vision is to grow the business into a $100,000 annual revenue real estate company within the next three years that specializes in acquiring discount properties of residential and multi-family real estate. Utilizing real estate investor association (REIA) meeting and a wholesaler.

The objectives are first-year revenue of sixty grand; achieve profit before tax of forty-thousand per year, ending 12/31/2016;

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