Guaranteed returns in Oil & Gas Investments

by Ricardo Jimenez
(London UK)

Oilprone Partners and Banco Peravia have joined forces to offer Investors a secure instrument to make the best of your unused funds.

We have the pleasure to introduce to you this new investment instrument that we have been able to put together thanks to our recent alliance with Banco Peravia of Dominican Republic (

OBJECTIVES: Direct investments in Oil & Gas around the world.


- Option 1: Short Term placements at a “fixed” rate of five percent (5%)*. These placements are managed through a CD open by Oilprone Partners at Banco Peravia for such purposes. There are different expiration terms available: 60, 90, 180 days or 1 year. Interests generated from the placements are deposited directly onto the Investor’s account at the Bank. The Investor has always the chance to switch to the Larger Term Option at any time, if it intends to obtain better returns.

- Option 2: Long Term with a “minimum” rate of five percent (5%)*. The Investor makes the placement for a minimum of one year through the use of the Trust mechanism setup and managed by Oilprone at Banco Peravia. Interests generated from the placements are likewise deposited directly onto the Investor’s account at the Bank. The participation in any of the Oil & Gas projects identified by Oilprone is completely discretionary. The returns vary depending on each individual project.

(*) This 5% percent rate is part of the current promotion available. It may change at any time thereafter.


- Solid banking institution with a long tradition in the market.
- Subscriptions at distance
- US Dollar Investments
- Online Banking available
- International Credit and Debit Cards available to all Investors.
- Easy Options Exchange (Short and Long Term)
- Entry fees are exempted
- Individual or Corporate Accounts
- Any Nationalities


- Minimum investment of US$1 million.
- Amounts greater than US$1 million only after 30 days and up to an amount of US$50 millions
- Amounts greater than US$50 millions only after 90 days and up to an amount of US$100 millions.
- Open a Savings account at Banco Peravia
- Sign Investment Agreement with Oilprone Partners
- Interested Investors in Option 2 (Long Term) must open additionally an account at Oilprone Trust Partnership.
- Current Bank References (less than 30 days of issue)
- Passport of Authorized Signee and Corporate Registration in the case of a Corporation
- All accounts are activated once all references have been checked and the source of funds is verified

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