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Growthink Products were created and developed by Dave Lavinsky and Jay Turo. They started Growthink in 1999. Many new technology companies were popping up everywhere. The mission of this duo was to create services and tools to help these young entrepreneurs succeed.

One of the main stumbling blocks for startups is the capital raising aspect. Many entrepreneurs are geniuses with what they invent. They have incredible ideas, but when it comes down to business, very few of them have experience.

Growthink's mission has been to help entrepreneurs and companies build excellent businesses. They have succeeded in a remarkable way. The company now employs many experts. The Growthink products list and the many services performed are impressive.

Just looking at funding, Growthink prides itself on the fact that they helped raise over $2.5 Billion of funding. More than 500,000 of their products have been sold. Their client list is impressive. And both Dave and Jay have been interviewed in many major broadcasts and media papers.

The Growthink products are perfectly matched with the purpose and mission of our website here at Business Funding Insider.

We write articles and provide information for the entrepreneur to

  • Make better presentations
  • Find funding
  • Communicate effectively with investors
  • Take your business up to the next level
  • Exit your business profitably

Next is a summary of some of the best Growthink products. Some of these are free; others are offered at excellent rates. They are definitely worth the cost once you consider the time and money wasted at finding your way in the capital raising world. Business concepts are explained in detail and are geared for immediate use, straight to the goal, whether it is funding, managing, marketing or exiting your business. Many mistakes that you might make, and repeat, over the years, can be eliminated. Many pieces of information will lead you to results faster.

The first advice we want to give is to sign up with Growthink's free emails. They are very practical and come with great ideas from real business people.They will help you make connections with successful business people and concepts that would otherwise remain unknown to you.

If you don't have a business plan get at least the free business plan template. It will get you going. We do recommend to go one step beyond that and work with Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template. It will help you to get focused. It can be written in 8 hours or less. The cost is low and definitely worth the solutions you get and the time you gain.

The Formula presentations are 15-20 minute presentations by Dave Lavinsky, himself, on video. From that presentation, you will notice that he knows his stuff. He is to the point. You can feel his incredible background and experience. Sort out for yourself which of these 3 apply best for you. Are you a startup and looking for a small investment (below $5 million), try 'Angel Investing Formula'.

If your company is looking for Venture Capital, try 'VC Pitch Formula'. This is not for small startups or seed capital. VC does not fund companies under $5 million. They look for very experienced management, they will take a good deal of equity in your company, and they will participate in day-to-day management.

If Crowdfunding is your thing, take a look at 'Crowdfunding formula'. It's new and exciting, and it's a whole different deal.

Available too is the very complete 'Loan Guide' to raise money through loans from banks and SBA lenders.

You can even check out the 'Grantguide', and find ways to access Billions of dollars available to help free enterprise succeed.

To top it off, Dave also created his 'Definitive Guide to Creative & Alternative Money Sources' with many techniques and ideas to fund your business.

GROWTHINK is all about starting, funding, growing and exiting successful businesses.  That's why we partnered.

Growthink products:

And you can receive free regular emails every week with really cool tips on funding, marketing and sales, together with a free copy of "The 10X Blueprint, 10 Steps to Start, Grow and Sell your Business."

Overview of Growthink Products List.

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We want to give you an idea of the very powerful solutions that Growthink has to offer that go beyond funding.

Growthink offers services such as its Growthink University (overview), or the 'Growthink's Insider Circle'.

Dave Lavinsky made the news many times, not just for building this company, but for the incredible results that his students and clients obtained. Taking companies from revenues of $100,000/year, to over $150 million, are feats that get noticed.

You can hear and read about testimonials like this in his  '8 Figure Formula' presentation.

SPECIAL: Free Book

This is a good time to offer another free gift from Dave's value chest. He offers his newest book for FREE, and sent to you, just for the shipping cost. You can look up the book at and you will see the very real price tag on it. Take advantage of this offer, look at the presentation, you will see all of the chapters summarized, and again, receive a tremendous amount of free information, just for watching 'Start at the End', and then receive Dave's new book for free (as long as supplies last).

There are many more excellent products that Growthink has developed, about Market Research, Marketing and Sales, creating a Private Placement Memorandum Template, Productivity, Publicity, Leadership, Internet Marketing, and last, but not least, "MULTI MILLION DOLLAR EXITS".

Here is an overview for all of these time and experience tested Growthink products.

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