Green Energy - Landill Gas Project - Oregon

by Randall Burkhardt

Our client, WASTE TO ENERGY GROUP, LLC. (WTEG) proposes Landfill Stabilization Services and Green Renewable Energy Technologies for the Deschutes County Solid Waste Management facilities at Knott Landfill in Bend, Oregon.

WTEG will install an exclusive patented steam injection process to accelerate and remove landfill gas (LFG) from the landfill. The LFG will be collected, scrubbed and converted into a marketable diesel product.

The project will cost $56M to build and it is expected to generate over 11M gallons of ethanol and produce over $28M in annual revenue with a first year EBITDA projection of over $9m. This green product will be sold to Pacific Ethanol, one of the largest distributors of ethanol on the West Coast.

This project will be funded in one of two ways:

1) A conventional equity and debt structure. In that fashion we seek an equity partner willing to commit at least 30% to the transaction and we have a strong relationship with a Chicago Investment Banking firm.

2) As a parallel path....we are seeking a grant from the United States government - possibly the Department of Energy (DOE). Our investor ask is $50,000, which will pay for the cost of the grant document creation and presentation to the DOE (and others)...and provide for necessary project working capital. (These funds also create a exclusivity agreement for the investor while they conduct more detailed due diligence)

The investor will receive a 10% equity ownership position (for the $50k investment) in this project if successfully funded under the federal government grant structure. If not successful this investment can be converted into the conventional equity stack or refunded plus interest if capital is provided from a different group or source.

An Ex Summary that provides a detailed project overview is available for review.

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