Great opportunity to invest in LATERITE STONES mining in India. Project comes under Make in India scheem.

PROJECT OF LATERITE MINE (Brief summary of the project)

INTRODUCTION :- Rajapur (hativle)Laterite mine having an area of 19.023 acre also attach another 14.03 acre total 34.053 acre area in village hativle , (tahluka) rajapur, Dist- Ratnagiri in Maharastra ,INDIA coordinates 16.635660N 73.62680E. we (Harshala Infrastructure ) starting the mining project very soon at rajapur (hativle) village.
Proposed mine will be developed as opencast mine for the production of laterite @ 1, 25,000 Tones / annum, as per the huge market requirement for construction, road buildup and much more.

ACCESSIBILITY :- The area can approached by Mumbai-Goa highway (NH-17) . The proposed area is 7 k/m from Rajapur which is dist. Place and main junction of Mumbai – Goa highway also connected with the Kolhapur -Sangli highway . Rajapur road railway station is also there .

PHYSIOGRAPHY :- The area is having almost flat thick Laterite. The maximum counter value is 480 meter and minimum value is 460 meter. The proposed area is covered with thin allurial soil in places it’s thikness may vary from 0.1 meter to 0.3 meter. The drainage of the area is towards south and flows into small rivalet. South-east direction and ultimately joins Arjuna river at distance 15 k/m from the area.

LAND USE PATTERN :- The area having almost flat surface with slightly sloping towards south . the area is covered by a very thin layer of soil about 0.1 to 0.3 meter at place. There are no other activity in the area as the area is mostly barren.

PROPOSED METHOD OF MINING :- Proponent proposes to adopt manual open cast method of miming.

PROPOSED EMPLOYMENT POTENTIAL :- The Proponent has to appoint mines manager, mining engineer, mate, etc. to ful fil the requirement of rule no. 42 of MCDR 1988.The total manpower requirement for achiving the proposed production is 31.

USES :- For any construction purpose such as house, apartments , row houses , compound walls , gardening , roads , bridges , road dividers , wells etc.

CURRENT CUTTING SIZE :- 9”*7”*15” B*W*L . or as per the requirement of customer.

RATE :- (INR) Rs. 18 to (INR) Rs. 60. As per the size per brick.

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