Good & long term returns in Hospitality guaranteed!

by Ajay Kudale.

1. A 3 Star project in India.

2. Project Location : Hill station,just 90 km from Mumbai & 65 km from Pune.

3. Facilities : Excellent site with road connectivity & easy access just 3 km

from Mumbai-Pune expressway.

4. Plot area : Aprox. 1,27,000 sq ft.

5. Built up : Approx. 63,000 sq ft.Construction through its half way mark.

6. Floors : In all 3 floors with Shops,Veg & Non veg restaurants,Fast food

zone,game zone,wedding halls, conference etc.

7. Permissions : All required licenses,permissions obtained.

8. Investment needed : $ 8 Mn.

9. Returns assured : Minimum @ 10%.

10.Return of Investment : From 3rd year onwards to 10th year.

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Guaranteed returns
by: Anonymous

I thank you both for your comments.

Its 10% return on investment to be paid annually,
however disinvestment will start from 3 rd year
up to 10th.
Here we guarantee 10% yet not limit to it as
depending on profits achieved bonus will be paid
of course it(bonus) will take min 2-3 years to

For any other clarification or further
communication please reach me at -

Best regards,

Financial services
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Respected sir,

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Check your calculations
by: Marc

Hi, I saw your investment request. You want $ 8million, you want to start paying back after 3 years, and only up to year 10? That is only 70% payback... Will you return the total capital after 10 years?
Also, 10% is on the low side to get investors interested. My guess is that you won't get much interest.

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