Golf Niche Opportunity. Crossover Golf Equipment Manufacturer. STEP into Golf

by Brian Selfridge
(New Jersey)

Slotted Driver

Slotted Driver

Slotted Driver

We seek an equity investor. Help us grow the game of golf by introduction golf to more young people while reducing new golfer attrition rates.

STEP into Golf is pioneering golf training aids that covert or crossover to regulation golf equipment. We are creating our own unique niche for a completely under-served marketplace. A New Golfer and the Experienced Golfer who cares about the success of New Golfer’s game. Right now the general advice is go by a beginners set, or go to the range and hit a bucket of balls with indestructible golf club made of iron ore. Lol. Maybe some time with a Pro with a Hand-me-down set of clubs. Who knows. It is clear there is no consensus on how to start someone golfing for the best results.

The industry needs all beginner results to improve drastically. To reduce new golfer attrition rates. Too many try and quit. We’ll get new golfers playing better & faster. We offer the best “hands on” training system in golf. Plus we’ll extend additional value to consumers because our training aids will covert to performance golf equipment that can be used everyday. Equipment that does not need to be replaced extending value to the beginner and the one who purchased the equipment for them. We look to serve all new golfers first. We’ll mature the product line over time exploiting the “Slot’s” technology for performance creating a performance golf equipment line up. Less about Slot stepping utility. Ask any golf engineer the potential held within the Slotted Driver’s shape for performance! We’ll continue to improve the training equipment line up too. If you serve someone first… and it was great experience your business has earned the opportunity to serve them again & again. The rest of their lives. We look to serve all new golfers first by providing a compelling reason why. We have that. We’ll mature the product line so they come back making us a brand & lifestyle choice not just an equipment manufacturer. This is my golf equipment company’s long term strategy.

What type of investor is ready for a decade long learning experience? Certainly not one looking for super big multiples fast. We are here to change golf for the beginner and make money doing it. That's for now. Brand & Lifestyle development in the future will ultimately drive big multiple returns. For now you'd have to happy with helping new golfers get better from the TEE right away and making a few bucks doing it.

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