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The information in this Presentation that relates to Resources is based on information compiled by Dr. Lynn Moxham. Dr. Lynn Moxham has sufficient experience which is relevant to the type of deposit under consideration and to the activity he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 2004 Edition of the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore
Reserves. Dr. Moxham consents to the inclusion in the Presentation of the matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears.

• Mr Joshua Jacob Chairman
• 35 years’ experience in the natural resources sector in Australia and South East Asia
•Senior advisory role in a Newmont Gold subsidiary company which produced 283 million pounds of copper and 318,000 ounces of gold
• First stage investor
• Ms Huang Zi Jia Director
• 13 years served in management roles in the area of Investment Banking, marketing, corporate affairs with Nikko Merchant Bank
(Singapore) and Irwell Bank (Singapore)
•She has been the Executive and Non-Executive director of numerous other companies and has developed many high level relationships
across the private and public sector in Singapore and Indonesia.
• First stage investor
• Dr Axel Eckart Technical Director
•Geologist and mining engineer with over 30 years of experience
•MSc in Mining Engineering Doctorate in Raw Material Engineering University Mining Academy Frieberg
•Academic and professional roles such as Chief Engineer at the Technical University of Berlin and Chief Engineer at the Brown Coal Trust
•CEO of several mining consultancy companies
• Mr Jay Jacob CEO
•He has over 10 years’ experience as a contractor and consultant in the mining and infrastructure sectors
•Has held CEO roles previously in Dytare Mining Resources and Eagle Property Venture - a subsidiary of MNC Group.
•He has had Management experience with BHP Billiton Olympic Dam South Australia, Rio Tinto Mongolia, OK Tedi, G&S Engineering and
Dredging International.
• Mr Bruno Seneque CFO
•A Certified Practising Accountant, Mr Seneque worked at Ernst and Young until 1998 and moved to mining sector up to present
•He has served on the board of several publicly listed companies including Fox Resources Ltd (CFO), Iron Ore Holdings Ltd (CFO), Iron
Clad Mining Ltd (CFO), Arcadia Mining Ltd (Director)
• Mr Russell Barnes Mine Manager
•Canadian national with 20 years of experience in the placer and gold mining industry
• Involved with the development, maintenance and deployment of the onsite wash-plants

• Situated on the west side of Lake Mayo, 50km south
east of Mayo, Yukon
• 112,000 oz. measured and indicated resources,
further 300,000 oz. estimated
• £19.5M investment required to complete acquisition
and finance full scale production
• Low operating costs: approx. US$400/oz.
• Gross income year one US$25m (based on gold
price of US$1200/oz.) Cash profit approx. $12m
• All licences, key personnel and environmental permits
in place to commence operations for 2014 season
• NI 43-101 Technical Report produced and EU
prospectus submitted to UKLA for a Standard Listing

• Prolific placer mining region: The total recorded fine gold production from 1885 to
date is estimated at 12.5 million ounces
• Modern communications, roads and energy infrastructure
• Stable economy and supportive legislative framework
• Fraser Institute report, out of 96 jurisdictions surveyed:
• #1 Taxation regime
• #2 Mineral Potential Index
• #8 Policy Potential Index

• Situated in the Mayo Lake District, the Anderson Creek mine is composed of 39 placer
mineral claims covering an area of 895.31 acres
• Technical Report shows 5,600,000 million cubic yards (7.5M tons) of measured and
indicated resources grading 0.020 ounces per cubic yard or 1.4-1.5 gram per ton at a
fineness of 0.86, equivalent to 0.017 pure Troy ounces per cubic yard
• Seismic studies suggest a further 15 million cubic yards (20.1M tons)
• On-site refinery planned to increase fineness to 99.9% and to separate and sell by product
of refinery process (silver, copper, platinum)
• Preliminary valuation of gold in situ
approx. US$480,000,000
• Turn-key site. No exploration work necessary
to begin production
• Three seasons of test-production data available

• Immediate ramping up of production through the purchase of two additional 200 yards/
hour wash plants
• Total production capacity 800 yards/hour, 624 hours/month
• Total production capacity 499,200 yards/month
• With a conservative initial productivity rate of 55% 274,560 yards/month
• With a conservative purity below the figure quoted in the CPR 4,378 troy ounces
of gold/month
• Four discrete continuous production trains to minimise effect of downtime
• Typical mining season of 6 months in first year total production estimated at 26,268
troy ounces of gold
• In first year cash cost of production US$393/ounce
• With gold prices @ $1200/ounce first year Gross income US$25,071,621

• Region highly prospective for crude gold– supported by presence of majors (Kinross)
• the opportunity to profit from ground-floor area plays in the rapidly re-emerging Yukon gold district
— which geologists are already comparing to the world's top gold regions.
• the Yukon Territory is gaining a reputation as one of the world's hottest gold exploration targets.
• Low to no political risk - ranks similar to Australia
• Transparent mining and exploration regime
• 3 separate periods of trial mining (over 3 years)
to prove the measured resources.
• an experienced team of management and
production personnel

Please reach me at and I put you through with the Management.

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